Minutes 27 March 2012

27 March 2012


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 27 March 2012.


Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman)

Cllr Stokes

Cllr Errington

Cllr Webster

Cllr Spark

Cllr Shand

Cllr Richardson

CCllr Heron

DCllr Dow

Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Members of the Public (0).

  1. Apologies


Cllr Burtenshaw apologised advising she would be leaving the meeting at 8.30pm and Cllr Stokes will take over as Chairman. Cllr Spark was running late but would still attend, and apologies were received by the clerk from Cllr Lane.

  1. Declarations of Interest – none.
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 28 February 2012.


It was resolved that the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 28 February 2012 were to be signed as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr Shand and seconded by Cllr Webster. All in favour.

  1. Matters Arising


11/61 – Overgrown shrubbery on Snails Lane reported by Mrs King. On 2 Mar’12 Peter Newman (Fisheries Manager, Cemex) met with Cllr Burtenshaw, Cllr Spark and the clerk
at Snails Lane to determine where the problem is. It was an extremely informative meeting, and the Clerk has a map detailing Cemex ownership. However since the meeting Cemex have announced all their lakes in the UK are up for sale, and Peter Newman is being made redundant. Clerk to circulate email from Cllr Webster detailing the sale in May. Clive Williamson confirmed to the clerk the land where the overgrown shrubbery is causing a problem was sold to a resident in Ivy Lane. CCllr Heron suggested writing to HCC Highways, and potentially Rights of Way as the lane is question is a designated bridleway. Clerk to action. Cllr Spark arrived at 7.12pm.

This issue was discussed of the unpermitted fishing on the two lakes for sale, as they are listed on NFDC’s enforcement list (since 2005). Whilst we are still awaiting the “Fishing Rights – Blashford Lakes Strategic Management Plan” report from Martin Devine (expected in the Spring at the next Blashford Lakes access Forum meeting at which Chris Elliot will be available to discuss any points, as yet unscheduled), Cllr Burtenshaw suggested asking for any information pertinent to the two lakes currently for sale. Clerk to action.

Cllr Spark advised the general public are gaining unauthorised access to Snails Lake, their reason being they are having a look as it is up for sale. He reiterated the SSSI designation of the area and how nesting wild birds are being disturbed; it is also currently the closed season for the lake in order to protect the birds and their habitat. All agreed for the clerk to contact Mark Larter (Natural England) and Clive Williamson (Cemex).

12/09 Rights of Way – Cllrs Webster and Errington volunteered to meet & discuss with Sam Jones to identify potential projects. No date agreed yet, however there may be a meeting at the Blashford Lakes Study Centre in April. CCllr Heron confirmed funding for this department has been significantly cut and resources are extremely limited. It was agreed that the Parish Council have had the section 106 monies for some time and we are keen to put it to good use.

12/10 BVPI Survey – Cllrs Webster and Richardson volunteered to work with Kelvin to identify potential projects for the parish and they will present a shortlist to the Parish Council in due course.

12/15 Sale of land at Rockford Farm. An article 4 has been issued by the NPA Enforcement team, which takes away the general development rights, and further fencing and division of the fields is not permitted without planning permission. Two residents have spoken with different Councillors asking why the Parish Council has been involved in issuing the Article 4 notice on this land. Cllr Burtenshaw reiterated the Parish Council’s concern of the loss of back-up grazing and the breaking up of a small holding in the parish. She encouraged Councillors to refer any enquiries to the NPA Enforcement team, who issued the article 4 notice but also to reassure enquirers that planning permission could be applied for.

12/25 Christchurch Borough & East Dorset District Council’s Core Strategy Pre-Submission Consultation meeting 25Jan’12 (consultation open 02Apr-25Jun’12). Cllr Errington will review this when it opens in April.

12/31 Hanson Trust Clerk has received a response from Rosemary Box at the Mineral Planning Authority re Ibsley Concrete Block plant. She has confirmed it is their opinion the site is now inactive and not capable of any active working within the current permission and should therefore be restored. Hanson has been in contact with Hampshire Wildlife trust regarding the restoration and Rosemary is awaiting submission of this scheme.

12/42 Proposed works of ditch clearance & cutting back trees around Ibsley Bridge and along A338 Ibsley to Ellingham Crossroads to be requested from HCC Highways. Cllr Webster circulated report after meeting with Bob Brown & Cllr Stokes. No further action other than monitoring when work completed. Concern about saplings, left debris and tree trunks from the recent work carried out at Ibsley Bridge was raised; it was thought it could be a hazard for motorists if they came off the road into the river – could barriers be installed? CCllr Heron advised the current policy would be to install heavy, metal barriers and as this is not a known area for incidents where cars leave the road, this would not be feasible. It was noted the speed limit is 40 mph on this part of the road.

12/43 Community Wildlife Plans Project – decision on Parish involvement (circ. 22Feb). Clerk had circulated email from Cllr Stokes stating project too large for him to undertake at this time, it will be lots of physical field work involved. No one else volunteered, as all agreed there are sufficient conservation projects already within the parish.

12/44 Mags Wylie Community Action Hampshire to discuss Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH). Cllr Richardson has liaised with Mags Wylie and advised the way forward is either by sending a questionnaire or scheduling a drop in session. All agreed a drop in session would be more effective, targeting those with an immediate or future housing need and potential landowners to donate land. Cllr Richardson to draft a paragraph for the April newsletter. Cllr Burtenshaw asked for all Councillors to forward any other items for potential inclusion in the next newsletter to the clerk by Monday 2 April.

12/52NFDC Traffic Management Programme & Agency Programme (response by 16Mar’12. This was reviewed and no response made as nothing involves the EHI parish.

  1. Public Forum – none.
  2. Finance


  1. Payment of accounts. The following cheques were approved for payment. Proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Richardson. All in favour.

    899    Terry Mason Handyman – Jan invoice        £48.00

900    Andrew Burrell Computer consultant        £25.00

901    N Mackenzie Clerk March salary & expenses    £519.76

902    Terry Mason Handyman – Feb invoice        £48.00

903    Viking office & newsletter supplies        £272.94

A Councillor raised the seemingly high cost of approx. £600 per year to maintain the two bus stops owned by the Parish Council – was this money well spent? Cllr Burtenshaw advised help has been given on other tasks, such as clearing Hucklesbrook Stream, however all agreed potentially other tasks can be looked at alongside bus stop maintenance.


  1. Financial report.

Current £5,273.98 (after these payments above)

Capital £38,312.62 (inc. Headlands 106 money £28,224)

Reserve £845.67

The clerk explained why there is a credit balance in the current account; it is due to under spending on the following in 2011/12:-

Travel expenses – £1400

Marketing – £600

Election expenses – £1400 (as no election was required)

Ditch digging – £1000

Grants issued – £450 (some left in reserve for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee expenses)


  1. Linda Lewis – application for Moyles Court pitch. It was discussed and Cllr Burtenshaw proposed the cost of the pitch should be increased to £725 for the right to park the ice cream van at the Moyles Court pitch only. Seconded by Cllr Errington, 6 in favour and 1 abstention. Clerk to send letter.
  1. Crime in the Parish


  1. Blashford – van looking for scrap/copper

    This was reported by Cllr Lane to the Country Watch service.


  1. Other Crime

    – Cllr Burtenshaw advised two youths had been arrested in the act of stealing fuel locally.

    – The clerk had circulated an email that day stating travellers were about to be evicted from Queen’s Park area of Bournemouth; landowners to be aware and secure access points to their land.

    – The Hanson Concrete Block Plant had been broken into; reported to the police.

  1. Environmental Matters


  1. The New Forest Wildlife Partnership – 1. decide if EHI PC should be involved & nominate representative and 2. Feedback on terms of reference for the Partnership.

    It was discussed and agreed by all for this to be added to the Outside Bodies list and Cllr Errington agreed to be the representative. Clerk to add to Outside Bodies list.


  1. Sandbags been washed away on gabion at Linford. Cllr Shand had provided photos of the state of the sandbags at Linford. The temporary repair to stop further erosion of the banks was completed recently; however it has not lasted long. HCC are in discussion with the Environment Agency to agree what materials can be used for the permanent repair. CCllr Heron commented that gabion walling is not the preferred method of repair, and if he can have the before and after photos he will liaise with HCC Highways. Cllr Errington to send CCllr Heron both sets of photos.


  1. Hanson grant funded benches – new quotes. Cllr Richardson was still awaiting a response from the Forestry Commission. He had spoken with the National Trust in relation to using local wood for the benches in the parish, however the local wood has already been allocated. Rough guide price is £300. Cllr Errington to provide contact number for company in Burley.
  2. Community Matters


  1. Brand New Forest Broadband Campaign meeting (5Mar’12). Cllr Errington reported as the service is anticipated to be severely sub standard for rural residents at 2 megabit (compared to 24 megabit for urban residents), the community should begin to consider whether it should go its own route with the potential of some funding from the Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF). A community in Cumbria has introduced a vastly superior private broadband service which is easy to install and has symmetrical up- and down-loading. The fibre cable is worthless and can be laid in the ground, removing the need for overhead cables. One of the risks of not improving the service within our parish is losing rural businesses due to the poor broadband service. Cllr Errington will be visiting Cumbria and will report to the Parish Council in due course. He would like to put an insert in the next EHI News to get residents thinking about this problem; all agreed to this. Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Cllr Errington for all his effort and support of the campaign.


  1. The Community Plan. Cllr Richardson advised we are still awaiting production of final document.


  1. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Cllr Burtenshaw advised the two oak trees have arrived and she will take responsibility to care for them until planting. It was suggested that Terry Mason could be tasked with looking after the trees once planted. The clerk has obtained verbal consent from Moyles Court School to plant one tree on the far side of the ford on the western verge heading north towards Mockbeggar. Cllr Burtenshaw advised the agent at Somerley is on leave; she will continue to pursue permission from Somerley Estate to plant the other tree on the triangle of land owned by them on the south side of the ford.


  1. Website. Cllr Spark advised no Councillors had been forthcoming in providing possible articles for the new site. It was agreed the old site needs to redirect to the new one to avoid confusion; Cllr Spark to contact Daniel Chatfield. The clerk has already requested the HCC site has a redirect to our new site. Clerk to chase. Cllr Errington enquired if the EHI site would be happy to host a “Community Solution” page to enable residents to provide feedback and register their interest via our site in relation to Brand New Forest Broadband. All agreed this was a good idea: Cllr Spark to liaise with Daniel Chatfield.

    The new links page was discussed, and all agreed with the permission of the company, links that may be of local interest to residents or visitors can be included on this page. Also links to the local parochial Church Councils are to be included. Clerk to action.

    8.35pm Cllr Burtenshaw & CCllr Heron left the meeting; Cllr Stokes took over as Chairman.


  1. Community Payback – to discuss if the Parish Council want to use this service. All agreed it was a good idea to utilise the Community Payback service for footpaths and bramble clearance. Final list of projects to be identified, then clerk to arrange a site meeting with Matt Simpson Placement Manager.


  1. Scout Community Week 14-20 May. The clerk advised the main focus of Scout Community week is to raise funds for the Scouting Association, so a cost would be involved in any projects for EHI PC. It was discussed and agreed the clerk is to contact the 1st Poulner Scout Group to see if they are available for a project that week, if so then contact the local churches to see if they have any potential projects the EHI can make a contribution to.


  1. Production of EHI Community Calendar. The clerk explained the idea and costs behind creating a calendar of which the photos could be a result of a resident competition. It was discussed and no one was in favour at this present time.


  1. Ellingham Show 11 August 2012. Cllr Lane had volunteered to head up the working group; Cllrs Webster and Stokes to work with her. It was generally discussed where the stand should be sited. Working group to meet and report at next Parish Council meeting.
  1. Consultation Papers to nominate representatives:


  1. Review the governance arrangements of National Parks to increase local accountability (response by 31 May’12).
    Cllr Errington volunteered to respond on this.


  1. Call for evidence on Superfast Broadband (response by 13Mar’12). Cllr Errington reported on this at the same time as agenda item 9. i. He advised he agreed with the House of Lords, who think the government’s effort on adequate provision of Broadband is weak and are calling for evidence.
    1. Outside Bodies:

To approve the Councillors’ circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising:


  1. Ibsley Village Hall 9 Mar’12 (Cllr Webster). No comments on his report.
  2. County/District Matters:


  1. Reports from County & District Councillors. DCllr Dow had no further comments. Correspondence


A resident had emailed the clerk in relation to the proposed Latchmore Restoration which could result in large HGVs using Mockbeggar Lane and driving up to South Gorley to access the site. Cllr Errington showed the Forestry Commission’s site dedicated to providing information about this project and its importance; today was the first day of it being available and it will be updated regularly. It was proposed by Cllr Spark the clerk should respond to resident and provide link to Forestry Commission’s site. Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour.


ALCNF are proposing a focus group to discuss signage in the New Forest. It was discussed and agreed at this time EHI will not be involved. Clerk to advise Terry Simpson.


The clerk was pleased to announce Steve Avery will be the guest speaker at the Annual Parish Meeting on 24 April. He will present on Localism and touch on enforcement in the New Forest.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7pm:-

Annual Parish Meeting                Planning Committee

Tuesday 24 April 2012                Tuesday 10 April 2012

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Annual Meeting (Parish Council AGM)

Tuesday 22 May 2012

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