Minutes 28 February 2012

28 February 2012


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 28 February 2012.


Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman)

Cllr Stokes

Cllr Errington

Cllr Webster

Cllr Lane

Cllr Spark

Cllr Shand

Cllr Richardson

DCllr Dow

Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Other Bodies:

Mags Wylie (HARAH)

Nick Evans (NPA)

Members of the Public (9).

  1. Apologies.


Apologies were received from CCllr Heron.

  1. Declarations of Interest – none.
  2. Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 24 January 2012.


It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 24 January 2012 were to be signed as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr Stokes and seconded by Cllr Shand. All in favour.

  1. Matters Arising


11/61 – Overgrown shrubbery on Snails Lane reported by Mrs King. Peter Newman (Fisheries Manager, Cemex) has agreed to meet with Cllr Burtenshaw, Cllr Spark and the clerk
on site to determine where problem is on Fri 2 Mar’12.

11/120 Community SpeedWatch (CSW) update – Cllr Lane reported there are three resident volunteers and two Cllrs (Cllrs Shand & Lane). The final paperwork is with PC Skinner, the next steps will be training.

11/123 NPA Links with EHI PC – Andy Brennan will not be a ranger from end March, so clerk diarised for April to arrange meeting with his replacement.

11/151 Flooding issue; Dockens Water – Moyles Court to Hampshire Wildlife Reserve – Clerk circulated Cllr Errington’s report on the site meeting with Glyn Fonteneau (Environment Agency). Currently the EA do not consider there to be a problem with flooding in this area, however they would welcome any photos of flooding for their records. Glyn mentioned the possibility of a drain from Gorley Road into Rockford Lake; this would require consent from Cemex Angling. Richard Coombes (EA) will respond directly to the complainant Mr Hunter-Simmons. It was noted that the trees in the stream have previously caused a debris dam which required clearance by HCC approx. 5-6 years ago.

12/09 Rights of Way – Cllrs Webster and Errington volunteered to meet & discuss with Sam Jones to identify potential projects. No date agreed yet.

12/10 BVPI Survey – Cllrs Webster and Richardson volunteered to work with Kelvin to identify potential projects for the parish and they will present a shortlist to the Parish Council in due course.

12/13 Ditches – flooding issues. Cllr Burtenshaw has emailed resident Ken Chatfield re flooding in Highwood Lane. Bob Brown HCC Highways advised the clerk re the erosion of the road at Hucklesbrook that the cost will have to come out of 2012/13 budget; therefore it has been put on hold temporarily. It is being monitored throughout the winter. As the work has not been timetabled yet, Natural England has not been consulted.

12/15 Sale of land at Rockford Farm. An article 4 has been issued by the NPA Enforcement team, which takes away the development rights, and further fencing and division of the fields is not permitted.

12/19 ‘Community Payback Scheme’ Hampshire Probation Service (circ. 6 Dec’11). Clerk meeting on 7 March with Matthew Simpson to discuss bramble clearance along Footpath 703.

12/22 Access to bus stop at Ibsley Church. HCC will be realigning the bus stop so it is opposite the Ringwood Bound one and improving the hardstanding on both sides in the next 4 – 8 weeks.

12/23 – Dorset-wide Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Show People site allocations. This consultation did not adversely affect EHI parish. There is not a similar consultation for Hampshire at the moment.

12/24 – New Forest District Local Development Framework Sites & Development Management Development Plan Document (consultation open 20Jan-02Mar’12). The Chairman thanked Cllr Richardson for his written comments circulated prior to the meeting which were approved and she requested him to submit his response on behalf of the PC by the due date of 2nd March. Proposed by Cllr Spark, seconded by Cllr Lane. All in favour.

12/25 Christchurch Borough & East Dorset District Council’s Core Strategy Pre-Submission Consultation meeting 25Jan’12 (consultation open 02Apr-25Jun’12). Cllr Errington will review this when it opens in April.

12/26 Western Escarpment Conservation Area Action Plan (consultation open 09Jan-28Feb’12).
Cllrs Errington & Shand volunteered to review this. Cllr Shand provided overview of this, advising the essence is to preserve character and enhance the area. This will complement existing planning policies. Response to be made 29Feb’12.

12/31 Hanson Trust Clerk has emailed Mineral Planning Authority re Ibsley Concrete Block plant. Awaiting response.

  1. Public Forum


DCllr Dow raised concerns over the large pile of wood on the SSSI verge at Mockbeggar, to which the Chairman happily reported that this has been dealt with by the Parish Council and it is has been removed. He also enquired whether the Parish Council had recently followed up a discussion 4 years ago to install high visibility bollards at Ellingham Crossroads. Currently EHI PC are not pursuing this, as they wish to preserve the character of the New Forest and limit unnecessary road furniture.

  1. Finance


  1. Payment of accounts. The following cheques were approved for payment. Proposed by Cllr Richardson, seconded by Cllr Shand.

    894    Terry Mason – Dec invoice            £96.00

895    Julians Press – Jan newsletter            £44.40

896    Cllr Shand – travel expenses            £14.40

897    Cllr Stokes – travel & inks expenses        £68.28

898    Clerk N Mackenzie – Feb salary & expenses    £470.46


  1. Financial report.

Current £6,237.68 (after these payments above)

Capital £38,312.62 (inc. Headlands 106 money £28,224)

Reserve £845.67

  1. Crime in the Parish – none.
  2. Environmental Matters


  1. Decide on type & cost of benches to be installed at Ibsley Lake with Hanson grant. There was further discussion on the type of benches to be installed, and how they can be fixed to the ground. The Parish Council had originally decided and obtained quotes for a more formal style of ‘park bench’, and some Cllrs felt a more rustic style bench, or even a tree trunk, would be more in keeping with the area. It was noted ‘Burley Products’ make such style benches to order. Cllr Richardson volunteered to obtain quotes and report at the next meeting on 27Mar’12. Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Cllr Webster for the work he has done so far.


  1. Proposed works of ditch clearance & cutting back trees around Ibsley Bridge and along A338 Ibsley to Ellingham Crossroads to be requested from HCC Highways. Cllr Webster wanted to request permission to raise these issues with Bob Brown HCC Highways. All agreed to this.


  1. Community Wildlife Plans Project – decision on Parish involvement (circ. 22Feb). It was generally felt there a several wildlife groups in the parish that contribute to maintaining the wildlife within the parish. Cllr Stokes felt he would like to be responsible for being involved on behalf of EHI PC, clerk to forward email to Cllr Stokes.
  2. Community Matters


  1. Mags Wylie Community Action Hampshire to discuss Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (HARAH). The Chairman welcomed Mags Wylie and Nick Evans (NPA Park Plan & Community Planning Officer) to the meeting.

Mags explained the structure of HARAH and how it works with parish councils and local communities to provide affordable housing for local people. The aim is to keep villages and communities alive and sustainable with local people. People are identified by registering with the NFDC Housing Register – currently there are 11 people registered as having a need for affordable housing in EHI parish. These people may either be living in area with family, or working in the area and are unable to afford to remain in the parish. The emphasis is the scheme is for local people.

Mags advised of the successful schemes within the area – Breamore and Boldre – and she is currently working with Martin and Whitsbury. How does it work? There is a 10-stage guide to the process (leaflets available from the clerk) in which the involvement of the Parish Council is key to the success of the project. Once the Parish Council has agreed there is a need for such housing, suitable land must be identified. This can be more difficult than anticipated. The aim is to build up to half of the identified current need within the parish, and the rent is generally charged at 20% less than local market rates for rental (although there are exceptions if this falls within lower quartile of the area). Whilst the residents have the option to partial ownership, there is no outright ‘right to buy’ scheme – a minimum of 20% of the ownership of the properties built remain with the Housing Association, and residents are charged a weekly rent. If a resident leaves, the property is returned back to the Housing Register. The properties remain as affordable housing for perpetuity – they cannot be sold at market value.

Nick Evans emphasised how the NPA work closely with HARAH to help allow rural areas to maintain continuity, by not losing residents who are unable to afford to live in the area.

There was concern from the public attending the meeting on how a person is identified as local, to ensure people outside the area are not applying. Mags explained many potential residents may be living with parents or are outside the area currently as they cannot afford to line within EHI parish. The Hordle family were present and spoke of their support for such a project, as one of their sons has to commute from Totton to Fordingbridge as the rent locally is so high.

DCllr. Dow advised of the difficulties of finding landowners agreeable to sell land for such a scheme and of obtaining necessary planning permissions.

Next steps? Mags advised to gauge enthusiasm for this project a drop-in session or local questionnaire direct to every household would help ascertain the actual need for affordable housing in the area. All Cllrs agreed this is a good cause and they wish to support it. She indicated a need of 1 acre of land for 10 units, or 6-8 units with community spaces (allotments, orchard etc). Cllr Richardson to liaise with Mags Wylie to commence this project.


  1. Brand New Forest Broadband Campaign meeting (10Jan’12) – Mark Bloor to report. The Chairman thanked Mark for representing EHI PC at this meeting and coming along to brief the Cllrs. Mark advised current projections by HCC for this area are 90% of residents will benefit from high speed 24 Mbps broadband by 2015, and the remaining 10% will only get approx. 2 Mbps (an indication on minimum requirements are 15 Mbps). The majority of EHI parish falls within the 10% category, which is causing great concern. It was noted that these are only projections, as even though the Parish Council would need to submit an expression of interest by July 2012, the actual data will not be available til early 2013. Cllr Errington explained there is a possible way to apply for funding from the Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF) and the emphasis is to do the right thing for the future of rural broadband, not just a temporary solution for the next few years. All Cllrs agreed to keep awareness with local residents through our newsletter and Mark Bloor & Cllr Errington to continue to represent EHI PC at these meetings.


  1. The Community Plan. Currently nothing to report.


  1. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Cllr Burtenshaw advised she had replied to resident Mr Dodd thanking him for his response however EHI PC is planning to support the planting of two oak trees to commemorate this event. It was agreed by all the future cost of maintaining fencing can be built within the annual budget. Location was discussed, and agreed by all Cllrs that locations could be on the EHI owned verge by the ford at Moyles Court, and possibly to request permission either from Moyles Court School to plant on their land near the car park or from Somerley Estate if the triangle of land in the road is to be considered. Clerk to request permission as appropriate.


  2. New Resident Welcome Pack. All agreed to keep the matter under review and populate the website with the information and links of interest to new residents.


  1. Website. Cllr Spark advised there has been no further updates to the site, and it is available for viewing by all. Cllr Burtenshaw proposed populating the site with local information and historical data, and a ‘links’ page to sites/companies within the area that may be of interest to residents. All Cllrs to consider and submit to Cllr Spark what they can contribute to the website by the next meeting on 27Mar’12. Cllr Spark was contacted on his bleeper to attend an emergency at 9.05pm.


  1. Scout Community Week 14-20 May. Cllr Burtenshaw
    requested all councillors to consider and bring suggestions to the next meeting on 27Mar’12.
    1. Consultation Papers to nominate representatives:


  1. Dorset Heathland Planning Framework SPD draft for public consultation (response by 16Mar’12. It was agreed by all that EHI PC would not respond on this.


  1. NFDC Traffic Management Programme & Agency Programme (response by 16Mar’12. Cllr Stokes agreed to review this consultation. Clerk to forward email to Cllr Stokes


  1. Call for Evidence on Superfast Broadband (response by 13Mar’12). Cllr Errington agreed to respond. Clerk to forward email to Cllr Errington & Mark Bloor for a joint response.

Cllr Spark returned at 9.25pm.

  1. Outside Bodies:

To approve the Councillors’ circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising:


  1. ALCNF meeting minutes (8 Dec’11) – unattended. No comments. The Chairman asked if in future, apologies could be sent if the meeting is not attended.


  1. Ibsley Village Hall official minutes (12Jan’12). No comments.


Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to suspend Standing Orders at 9.30pm. Seconded by Cllr Spark, all in favour.

  1. County/District Matters:


  1. Reports from County & District Councillors. DCllr Dow reported Parish Councils will not be charged for consulting the NFDC on planning applications, however charges will be applied to developers. Also, rents will be increasing at 7.2% – the District Council is dictated to by Central Government on what the level is.
  1. Correspondence


Cllr Burtenshaw advised a booking form has been received for the Ellingham Show (11 August 2012), which needs to be returned by June. The siting of the pitch needs to be carefully considered. Clerk to add to agenda for 27Mar’12.

The meeting closed at 9.37pm.

Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7pm:-

Parish Council                    Planning Committee

Tuesday 27 March 2012                Tuesday 13 March 2012

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Annual Parish Meeting

Tuesday 24 April

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