Minutes 31 July 2012

31 July 2012


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 31 July 2012.


Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman)

Cllr Stokes

Cllr Errington

Cllr Webster

Cllr Shand

Cllr Spark

Cllr Richardson

CCllr Heron

Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Members of the Public (0).

1.       Apologies


Apologies were received by the clerk from DCllr Dow.  Cllr Lane had advised the clerk she would try to attend later in the meeting, if possible.

2.       Disclosures of Interest.


Cllr Spark and Cllr Webster both disclosed non-pecuniary interests in agenda item 6.iv application to Dodington Charity by A Dutton, as they both know the applicant well.

3.       Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 26 June 2012.


Cllr Burtenshaw advised the dates of the header and footer on these minutes was incorrect, and it was resolved once this amendment has been actioned that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 26 June 2012 were to be signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr Stokes and seconded by Cllr Webster.  All in favour.

4.       Matters Arising


11/61 – Overgrown shrubbery on Snails Lane reported by Mrs King. Landowner Mr Rainer has been in contact with the Clerk and has agreed to liaise directly with Terry Mason to cut back shrubbery, after nesting season completed.  Clerk to monitor.

12/09 Rights of Way – Cllrs Webster and Errington confirmed a list of potential projects is being discussed with Sam Jones, and will update the Parish Council in due course.  Cllr Webster advised some of the paths identified by Kelvin Winch (RFFS) as needed attention (potentially by the Community Payback Scheme) have actually been cut back hard, so the list needs re-checking.  The work by HCC is very much appreciated, as their responsibility is only to cut the ground surface and the side vegetation is the responsibility of the adjoining landowner.  It was discussed that in future the Parish Council handyman could be instructed to attend any very overgrown areas.

12/10 BVPI Survey – Cllrs Webster and Richardson volunteered to work with Kelvin to identify potential projects for the parish and they will present a shortlist to the Parish Council in due course.

12/42 Proposed works of ditch clearance & cutting back trees around Ibsley Bridge and along A338 Ibsley to Ellingham Crossroads to be requested from HCC Highways.  Cllr Webster circulated report after meeting with Bob Brown & Cllr Stokes, and this will be monitored for completion.

12/68 Sandbags washed away from gabion at Linford.  Cllr Shand reported the repairs have been completed.

12/70 New Forest Broadband.  Cllr Errington advised it is likely the crown lands will still have a sub-standard service by 2015.  The potential for a requesting booster receptor at the highest point of Harbridge Church was discussed, and highlighted as this could be offered as an interim measure with the Church’s permission; however BT would have to agree to transmit to the booster.  CCllr Heron advised this is operational in some rural areas with mixed results; it can be unreliable and not wholly successful.  He informed the County are working hard on existing fibre networks and hope to provide 6-8 megabits by 2015.

12/102 Parking on Parish Council owned SSSI verges.  Cllr Burtenshaw is still awaiting indicative costings for sign opposite Cross Lanes Chapel, but she plans to put in place a temporary sign to gauge any success.  Cllr Richardson will send costings to Cllr Burtenshaw of small signs. It was noted that permission would be needed by NPA to attach to their existing signs.

12/104 Latchmore.  Cllr Burtenshaw advised one property had been identified which could be affected by heavily laden lorries, however due to the wet weather this project has been delayed until summer 2013.  All information gathered to be held by Clerk until next year.


12/108 Community Payback – to discuss if the Parish Council want to use this service.  Clerk to liaise with Kelvin Winch to update the list of footpaths requiring clearing, then Clerk to arrange a site meeting with Matt Simpson Placement Manager. 

12/122 New Draft Code of Conduct.  This item is on the agenda, however CCllr Heron’s advice was sought on completion of the disclosure of interest forms; he advised that if something is not disclosed on the form it is considered a criminal offence so requested that the form is completed thoroughly.


12/124 Dragon’s teeth Moyles Court Ford area.  Cllr Burtenshaw has contacted the Hanson Trust requesting a contribution to the maintenance be included on their agenda for the next meeting on 13 August.  Cllr Errington will supply details of specifications and costings.  Update in due course.

12/126 Rockford Green adjacent to Alice Lisle.  Cllr Burtenshaw has been investigating the potential for claiming as village green with the Open Spaces Society.  She has discovered firstly a membership would need to be paid for to become a member of the Open Spaces Society and as a resident has made an offer to CEMEX, she feels it not appropriate to continue.  All agreed no further action.

12/127 Hanson funded benches.  Cllr Burtenshaw confirmed the benches have now been installed and expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the Parish Council to Cllrs Webster and Stokes who have been instrumental in the completion of this project, to Tarmac for agreeing to the siting of the benches and also to the Hanson Trust for kindly funding the project.  Photos were shown of the benches and all encouraged to go and see them.  Clerk to ensure item included in the October newsletter.

12/129 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  There is no further progress with gaining Natural England’s permission for the oak trees to be planted, however it was suggested if one could be planted outside the Ellingham Church Hall.   Cllr Burtenshaw to investigate.

12/132 October Annual Grants.  An item was included in July newsletter advising of when the grants are considered; Cllr Burtenshaw to write notice for the notice boards.  Cllr Burtenshaw wanted to discuss volunteer Colin Miller’s involvement with the quarterly newsletter, as Colin has expressed a wish to be more involved with the production, editing and preparation for posting.  Cllr Burtenshaw welcomed the greater involvement, as it would help to free the Clerk up for other tasks.  Clerk to liaise with Colin.

12/139 Lengthsmen for the Parish.  CCllr Heron advised there are currently 11 parishes in the scheme and a single lengthsman is employed through open tender.  Fordingbridge is the lead parish.  Unfortunately, currently EHI Parish is not included within the funded scheme for a lengthsman, however the scheme is due to be renewed in 2013 and EHI may be included.  Funding of £1,000 a year is available from HCC, however no work can be undertaken on A roads.  CCllr Heron will forward details to the Clerk about the scheme.

12/144 Website  – update.  Cllr Spark advised the current host has gone offline, and Daniel Chatfield is in the process of setting up on a new host, however all the previous information has been lost, including the information uploaded to the site directly by residents on Broadband.  It was questioned whether an article in the newsletter could assist the rebuilding/maintenance of the site by a volunteer.

  1. 5.       Public Forum – none.

The following item was brought forward on the agenda to enable CCllr Heron to attend a meeting at Hyde Parish Council.

12.  County/District matters:

  1.   i.            Reports from County & District Councillors.


This item was brought forward on the agenda as CCllr Heron was unable to stay for the whole meeting.  CCllr Heron had nothing to report but was willing to answer any questions.

Cllr Stokes enquired of the progress on the consultation on reducing speed limits on rural roads.  CCllr Heron confirmed this is still at the consultation phase, however proposals included A & B roads should be 40mph which gives more scope to reduce other country roads, and if there is no centreline on a road due to the narrowness of it, it potentially could be reduced to 40mph also.

There was no report from DCllr Dow as he was absent from the meeting.

CCllr Heron left the meeting at 7.50pm.

  1. 6.       Finance


  1.   i.            Payment of accounts.  The following cheques were approved for payment.  Proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Spark.  All in favour.
921 Zurich Municipal – annual insurance


922 Cllr R Errington-travel expenses


923 Jati Ltd-jubilee benches



924 Viking-stationery



925 Terry Mason, Handyman May & June invoices



926 BT Clerks phone



927 Julians Press-July newsletter



928 N Mackenzie July salary & expenses




  1. Financial report.

Current £8,995.68 (after these payments above)

Capital £38,322.18 (inc. Headlands 106 money £28,224)

Reserve £845.83

Clerk to check the account name of the Capital account.


  1. Community Plan Steering Group additional funding request of £210.  Cllr Burtenshaw advised she had looked back through the minutes and in 2007 EHI PC had agreed to contribute £500 to the Community Plan, and only £250 had been donated so far.  With this in mind, Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to contribute the remaining £250 to the Community Plan, seconded by Cllr Webster, 5 in favour.  Cllrs Spark & Richardson abstained as they are on the Community Plan Steering Group.  Clerk to raise cheque.



  1. Consider application by A Dutton to Dodington Charity.  The letter received to apply for funds from the charity had been circulated to all Councillors prior to the meeting for their consideration.  It was discussed extensively, especially whether the application fulfilled the requirements of the charity.  The majority of Councillors felt that although it is a small pot of money, it should be utilised.  Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to award £250 towards the cost of a laptop for Anne’s son, seconded by Cllr Errington.  4 in favour, 1 abstention.  Cllrs Spark & Webster had declared a non-pecuniary interest and did not vote.  Clerk to raise cheque.



  1. Core Skills for Councillors course booking £30 on 11 Sep’12.  Cllr Burtenshaw advised Cllr Richardson will be attending this course, and if anyone else is interested they should contact the Clerk.
  1. 7.       Crime in the Parish


  1. Crime reported at Burnside Cottage, Rockford.  Cllr Webster confirmed there had been a fire in the property and it is now empty and has been a target for thieves storing stolen goods. It is known to PC Skinner and he has increased patrols.  It was also reported there has been a burglary at Bracken Hill where garden equipment and diggers were stolen.  All agreed the risk of rural crime can be raised with residents at the Ellingham Show.
  1. 8.       Environmental Matters


  1. i.        Ditches, culverts and overhanging vegetation.  Cllr Richardson had enquired in what cases can Terry Mason be dispatched to deal with overhanging/obstructive vegetation.  It was discussed and agreed the Clerk can contact the landowner in the first instance asking them to maintain their property within a month, then potentially dispatch Terry with a view to recouping costs.  It is vital the landowners are reminded of their responsibility, but if it is dangerous Terry can be immediately dispatched. Cllr Errington reminded the meeting that the parish handyman does not have adequate insurance for work on the highways in which case HCC Highways should be notified.  Clerk to feature in newsletter.


Many different issues were raised to be discussed with Bob Brown, HCC Highways, listed as follows:-

  • When is second verge cut scheduled for.
  • Attention is required to overhanging branches by roadsigns at Ibsley.
  • An overhanging ash tree at Ibsley House requires attention.
  • The Pipe under the road at Newlands Farm is silted up and the ditch needs digging opposite Forelock Farm – are there plans for maintenance in this area.
  • Can the visibility be enhanced looking right out of Kent Lane onto the A338.
  • The Parish Council would like a ‘schedule of works’ to be maintained, so requests can be monitored for completion.

Clerk to liaise with Bob Brown on all of the above.


  1. Email request from Cllr Cakebread (Godshill PC) for volunteers to monitor Cycling Event 19 August (circ.4Jul)Cllr Errington advised the New Forest Rattler is scheduled for 19 August, beginning and ending at Moyles Court, and Godshill Parish Council is asking for help for people to monitor the event to ensure participants are abiding by the rules.  Spectators are advised to take any photographic evidence of any misbehaviour, groups larger than 20 cyclists, littering and any disturbance to wildlife and animals.  It was discussed on how residents can be advised of such events, and agreed in future the notice boards should be utilised along with sending emails to an agreed distribution list.  Cllrs to advise residents at the Ellingham Show also.


  1. iii.    Sembcorp announcement of agreement with Somerley Estate re: land and lake at Mockbeggar (circ.13Jul), request from 2007 for proposed open space south of St. Martin’s graveyard & path behind bund at Ibsley Water.  Cllr Burtenshaw acknowledged Cllr Webster’s concerns on whether the footpath was included in the transfer of land to Somerley Estate however on other matters she is keen to ensure that the Parish Council is not seen as an interfering influence; it really is a matter for the Blashford Lakes Access Forum.  The moving of the footpath from the west side of the A338 to the east side is not possible under the s.106 agreement as the east side is not owned by Tarmac.  After discussion it was agreed for the Clerk to write to Martin Devine (cc. Sam Jones) in relation to the accumulation of unresolved issues surrounding the Blashford Lakes and it is imperative the Access Forum reconvene to understand the responsibility and plans going forward.


  1. 9.       Community Matters


  1.   i.            The Community Plan update.  Cllr Richardson advised there is no update at present.


  1. Ellingham Show 11 August 2012 update.  In Cllr Lane’s absence the Clerk updated the Councillors on any outstanding items for the day, encouraging all cllrs to sign up for a slot or two to be on the stand.
  1. 10.   Consultation Papers to nominate representatives:


  1. Publication of the Bournemouth Dorset & Poole Pre-Submission Draft Minerals Core Strategy; response by 28Sep’12 (circ.9Jul).  Cllr Burtenshaw volunteered to look at this consultation.


  1. Draft Local Audit Bill; response by 31Aug’12 (circ.11Jul).  Cllr Burtenshaw proposed that no response by made on this consultation as it is out of the parish; seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour.



  1. Gambling Act 2005 – Section 349; response by 21Sep’12 (circ.26Jul).  Cllr Burtenshaw proposed that no response by made on this consultation Cllr Richardson, all in favour.



  1. Confirm attendees for Localising Council Tax Support meeting 23Aug’12 6-8pm Appletree Court, Lyndhurst.  Attendees were agreed as Cllrs Richardson and Shand.



  1. Acceptance of new Code of Conduct and rules for disclosing interests.  Cllr Burtenshaw advised all Councillors need to adopt the new Code of Conduct and she proposed all do so with immediate effect.  Seconded by Cllr Errington, all in favour.  Clerk is to re-circulate the short document.



The Parish Council is to adopt the new Standards regime, which will require careful consideration.  Cllr Burtenshaw advised Cllr Lane will be reviewing the documents and circulate a report to all Councillors before the September meeting, for adoption at the September meeting.

Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to suspend Standing Orders at 9.32pm, seconded by Cllr Errington, all in favour.

  1. 11.   Outside Bodies:

To approve the Councillors’ circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising:


  1.   i.            Ibsley Village Hall Cllr Webster’s report.  Cllr Webster confirmed the AGM in November will hopefully have proposals of the potential link-up between IVH and the National Trust to be discussed.  All agreed for this to be mentioned in the October Newsletter, with approval from Cyril Downing of IVH.  Cllr Webster confirmed there will be no parking available at the hall for horse boxes, and limited parking for National Trust visitors.
  1. 12.   County/District Matters: discussed earlier in meeting after agenda item 5.


  1. 13.   Correspondence


The Clerk reported the external audit was successful, with the only comment in relation to the credit balance – as parish Councils are not able to hold large credit balances we need to spend more before end March 2013!!  It was agreed this should be mentioned to Sam Jones to try and get the bridge project finalised, Clerk to send draft to Cllr Errington first.


Cllr Webster had advised the Millennium Yew tree in Harbridge Church yard needs some attention; such as weeding and grass removal.  It was proposed that the Handyman Terry Mason be asked to tidy up the tree, and going forward the Church be asked to include it in their maintenance.  Clerk to action.


NFDC 11/97400 New Forest Farm Machinery will be heard at the Development Control Committee on 8 August – Cllr Richardson agreed to attend and speak.  Clerk to advise NFDC.

The meeting closed at 9.48pm.  Cllr Lane had not attended the meeting.


Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7pm:-


Parish Council                                                                   Planning Committee

Tuesday 25 September 2012                                       Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tuesday 23 October 2012                                             Tuesday 9 October 2012

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