Minutes 23rd Oct 2012

23 October 2012

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 23 October 2012.
Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman)
Cllr Lane
Cllr Stokes
Cllr Errington
Cllr Webster
Cllr Shand
Cllr Richardson
DCllr Dow
Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Members of the Public (10).

1. Apologies
Apologies were received by the clerk from CCllr Heron, Cllr Spark.

2. Disclosures of Interest – none.

3. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 31 July 2012.
It was resolved the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 25 September 2012 were to be signed as a true and accurate record. Proposed by Cllr Richardson and seconded by Cllr Webster. All in favour.
4. Matters Arising

12/09 Rights of Way – Cllrs Webster and Errington are discussing potential projects with Sam Jones, and further to the Blashford Lakes Forum meeting 16 October, the most urgent projects have been identified as:-
improvement to the bridge work
connecting the footpath network to existing Rights of Way network
the link up of the path/cycle way by the A338 to the permissive path by Ellingham Lake
replacement footbridge over stream on FP 38.

Clerk to advise Sam Jones.

Cllr Webster to re-check list of paths requiring work identified by Kelvin Winch, no deadline for the report.

12/10 BVPI Survey – Cllrs Webster and Richardson volunteered to work with Kelvin to identify potential projects for the parish and they will present a shortlist to the Parish Council in due course.

12/70 New Forest Broadband. Cllr Errington did not have an update at present.

12/102 Parking on Parish Council owned SSSI verges. Cllr Burtenshaw advised no further action had been taken on this matter, the problems mainly occur in the summer months so advised this will be an action point for the Spring. Clerk to diarise for March 2013.

12/108 Community Payback. Matt Simpson confirmed litter picking can be carried out on 40mph or less roads. Also, Clerk awaiting response from Natural England for consent to cut back the brambles from Moyles Court ford to Cross Lanes Chapel.

12/129 The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Cllr Burtenshaw will continue to investigate planting of the two oaks, which are currently residing in her vegetable patch.

12/144 Website – update. Cllr Burtenshaw reported a resident has come forward to volunteer his services, Richard Loader. The Parish Council are very excited by this and the Clerk will arrange a meeting in November to discuss the way forward.

12/157 HCC Highways reported issues. The Clerk is still in the process of creating a ‘schedule of works’ to be maintained, so requests can be monitored for completion. She will circulate it before the next meeting. Clerk to do.

12/169 Successful Audit/spending credit balance – Clerk has sent an email to Sam Jones in order to try to get the bridge project finalised on FP703.

12/181 Footpaths. Cllr Webster awaiting response from Rosemary Box re: the Tarmac s. 106 agreement at Ibsley Quarry to find out whether the permissive path was granted for perpetuity or for a fixed term and send an email to all members. It was thought that the existing agreement will pass with the land, which is thought to be ‘under offer’.

12/192 Hanson Concrete Charitable Trust. Cllr Burtenshaw advised as she is a trustee it would be appropriate for the Clerk to submit a request for £1,000 to replace the Moyles Court ford barriers with teeth and fill in some of the hard standing area’s potholes. Clerk to do.

12/193 EA electric fishing survey. Clerk has sent letter to the EA requesting information – awaiting response.

5. Public Forum
A local resident requested an update from the Parish Council on any progress with regularising the horse keeping activities at Newlands Farm. Cllr Burtenshaw advised the correspondence has been three way with Steve Avery of the NPA, the Smiths and the Parish Council. The NPA has been encouraging a planning application to cover several aspects of the breaches, including parking on the SSSI verges, however there has not been any progress. The Parish Council are intending to pursue the installation of dragon’s teeth to protect the verges on Mockbeggar Lane East (to be discussed under agenda item 10. iii.), however the project was delayed in order to allow Newlands Farm time to review their parking arrangements. It is thought the NPA are considering enforcement action, but no time frame is known by the Parish Council. Cllr Burtenshaw encouraged the attending concerned residents to continue their dialogue with Steve Avery of the NPA on issues such as deterioration of the access paths to the Commons, number of horses kept on the land, etc.

Another resident asked for the National Trust’s view (as they were attending the meeting) on their land being used commercially as businesses are advertising open access to the Commons, and potentially commanding higher fees. Michelle Baxter responded that this could be an agenda item for another meeting in the future and she is happy to be involved.
6. Finance
i. Payment of accounts. The following cheques were approved for payment. Proposed by Cllr Webster, seconded by Cllr Burtenshaw. All in favour.
Terry Mason, Handyman – Sep invoice

Cllr Spark, card reader,SD card & inks

D Chatfield, annual hosting of website

Cllr Stokes, ink cartridges

BT, clerk’s phone

Clerk N Mackenzie, Oct salary & expenses


ii. Financial report.
Current £9,432.96 (after above payments)
Business Reserve 1 £43,327.21 (Inc. Headlands 106 monies £28,224)
Business Reserve 2 £846.00


Budget for the year = £17,982
Total income is estimated at = £18,815
Balance to be found from reserves = £0

Budget for year 2012/13 =£17,982

Total income to end Sep = £18,815

Total spend to end Sep = £10,208.00* (£9,204.04 + £1,003.96)

*This total includes (a) unpaid cheques from the previous year £1,003.96 which cannot be included in the budget and (b) expenses totalling £1,429.71 paid to Cllr Stokes for the Hanson Trust Jubilee benches which has not yet been refunded by the Hanson Trust.

Remaining funds = £8,607.00

Estimated Income Oct’12 to end Mar’13 = £1,429.71 (from Hanson Trust)

Estimated spend Oct’12 to end Mar’13 = £9,891.00**

**This figure includes £500 allocated for Diamond Jubilee expenses.

The Clerk’s salary is slightly higher than estimated. After 2nd half year (12hrs per week at £10.198 p.h.) I foresee overspend of £240. This can be offset against the unused budget for Clerk’s NI contributions (£144) and the Clerk’s gratuity for full year will not be needed as sufficient funds set aside already (£118); total £262.

Predicted balance at end Mar’13 = £145.93


The cost of the quarterly newsletter has increased by almost 50% mainly due to the increased cost of 2nd class postage (now £237 per newsletter), taking the cost to approximately £325 per quarterly newsletter.

Of the large credit balance from 2011/12 (£6,114.68), £5,000 has been moved to the Business Reserve 1 account and £1,003.96 for the cheques not presented before end Mar’12. This now leaves a small balance of just over £100.

Note: so far there is £156.53 VAT to be recovered for year 2012/13.

Any copies can be requested from the Clerk.

iii. Grants for 2012/2013 (circulated).
The clerk had produced a chart showing which organisations had applied this year and what awards had been made in recent years. After much discussion it was resolved that the following grants will be awarded this year (total of £1,150), with the remaining £350 to be left as available until end March’13. Clerk to feature in newsletter and raise cheques. Proposed by Cllr Burtenshaw, seconded by Cllr Stokes. All in favour.

Victim Support £50
Vitalise £50
New Forest CAB £50
Church of the Holy Ascension-Hyde with Ibsley £200
Cross Lanes Chapel £200
St Mary and All Saints Church, Ellingham £200
All Saints Church, Harbridge £200
New Forest Disability Service £50
Ringwood & Fordingbridge Footpath Society £150

iv. Renewal of Link Magazine advert for 2013. It was discussed and resolved that the Parish Council will continue to feature a half page advertisement in the Link Magazine for 2013. Proposed by Cllr Burtenshaw, seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour. Clerk to raise cheque.

7. Guest Speakers from the National Trust
Michelle Baxter introduced herself as responsible for visitor experiences and communication in the newly expanded team aimed to provide a point of contact and improve communication with the public. Their offices will soon be relocating to Burgate from Mottisfont, enabling them to be closer to the Commons. She detailed the structure as Dylan Everett – Operations Manager, Phil Marshall – Countryside Manager, Rob West – Lead Ranger supported by Tom Hordle. Michelle is happy to be the point of contact from litter issues, fly tipping, dog fouling, anti social behaviour and much more.

Michelle read out a statement on the consultation about the activities on Rockford Common if the Forest Fit Club. Insert it here.

Michelle advised the initial stage of consultation ends on Friday 26 October, when a decision will be taken if the Forest Fit club need to apply for a license for their activities; the license can be as prescriptive as the National Trust wish it to be, covering number of people taking part, how many sessions, etc. The Parish Council expressed their concerns on why the Parish Council’s views had not been sought on this consultation and enquired if it would be possible for the consultation to be extended in order for the Parish Council to consider this at the next Parish Council meeting. Michelle responded expressing her regret that EHI PC had been overlooked, however it would be possible for the consultation to be extended to allow the Parish Council to respond. Clerk to put on agenda for 27 November.

The attending residents expressed support for the club’s activities, but the consensus was there should be some control on numbers attending, frequency of sessions and where they can carry out the training sessions. The National Trusts opinion was sought on their land being used for commercial gain, such as Forest Fit club, riding Schools, cycling events, however the Chairman concluded the discussion as it was not on the agenda.

Lee Hulin introduced himself as the Outdoors Ranger, his role being to identify with local communities, ascertaining their values and the best way to communicate with them. His responsibility is for the care and management of the commons at Foxbury, Bramshaw, Hightown, Rockford and Ibsley, and for the management of volunteer groups and individuals. The first Voluntary Community Ranger has been appointed recently by the National Trust, and the idea is these volunteer rangers are someone local who can attend any incidents, when the National Trust staff are not available (weekends, etc). Lee detailed local projects for the forthcoming winter, and detailed the upcoming volunteering event on Thursday 2 November at Rockford Common 11am-2pm – all welcome!

Cllr Burtenshaw put forward a question on suitable parking for visitors/users of the Commons and future plans to increase the number of spaces available. Lee and Michelle responded that the idea is to encourage visitors to Foxbury where there is plenty of parking available, not promote Rockford and Ibsley Commons. It was reiterated by the Parish Council that there is a currently a severe parking problem, and it should be address by the National Trust.

The following item 11 was brought forward on the agenda by the Chairman.

11. i. The Community Plan
Cllr Burtenshaw welcomed Hugh Brooks from the Steering Group and invited his presentation. Hugh advised following the presentation earlier in the year (July) to the Parish Council and following the feedback received, this evening is more of a question and answer session on the recently updated and circulated Community Plan document, with the intention to receive any further comments. He reiterated the key points were identified by the residents responding to the questionnaire, and confirmed the evidence is available to back up the document. High commented he would like this to be the final stage, forseeing handing over the Plan to the Parish Council and looking forward to how the Parish Council address the concerns of the residents.

General discussion on the document revealed Councillors are generally much happier with the presentation and layout of the document; however a few minor points were raised for the Steering Groups consideration (Crown copyright, by-lines on all photos). All agreed to the document in principle, and look forward to receiving their copy in the near future.

Cllr Burtenshaw expressed grateful thanks to the Steering Group for their dedication and hard work over the last two years.

The following item 10 were brought forward on the agenda by the Chairman.

10. Environmental Matters
i. Footpaths; Cllr Webster enquired if the Parish Council could investigate if funding is available within the Parish from the Paths for Communities scheme. Cllr Burtenshaw to investigate.

ii. Ditches, culverts & overhanging vegetation; There was general discussion and questions from attending residents on responsibility of ditches, and Cllr Richardson will forward information he has from NPA as they are producing a leaflet as well. The ditch on the south side of Mockbeggar Lane East was reported by a resident as needing to be dug out – the Clerk will obtain Natural England’s opinion when attending a site meeting in November.

Cllr Spark’s report on Ivy Lane was discussed; his opinion is there is some overhanging vegetation but for the most part it does not overhang the highway. It was felt that the road is a single track lane, but the Clerk is to liaise with HCC Highways to obtain their opinion.

iii. Proposals for installation of dragon’s teeth on Mockbeggar Lane East to protect SSSI verges. The Councillors have all received the copy of the proposals from Cllr Burtenshaw, and the responsibility of the Parish Council is to protect the SSSI verge it owns. The plans were reviewed and discussed, and it was proposed by Cllr Burtenshaw to instruct installation by the Forestry Commission as soon as final consent has been received from Natural England. Clerk to liaise with NE & FC.

Parking by fisherman around the lakes was raised, and Councillors were advised to obtain number plates of persistent offenders and report these to the fishing bailiffs.

The following item 8 were brought forward on the agenda by the Chairman.

8. Proposed amendment to Standing Orders (as circulated by Clerk 18Oct)
Cllr Burtenshaw advised the Clerk’s proposals had been circulated, and after reading the current Standing Orders it was thought the whole document could do with a more thorough overhaul, as they are currently not very consistent or helpful. Cllr Burtenshaw volunteered to do this.

Also the proposal from Cllr Lane of changing the meeting start time until 7.30pm for both Planning and Parish Council meeting was discussed. Historically the time was brought to 7pm as the meetings were taking around 4 hours as Parish and Planning matters were considered at the same meeting. Now there are two separate meetings, and the idea is to make small changes to assist in streamlining the meetings. There was opposition to changing the start time from two members, so it was agreed for it to be trialled for now.

Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to adopt the changes to Standing Orders for Declarations of Interest and the meeting start time, with the full document to be fully reviewed and revised. Seconded by Cllr Stokes, 7 in favour, 1 against.

9. Crime
Cllr Shand reported earth wires have been stolen from the telepgraph poles all along the Linford Road.

Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to suspend Standing Order at 9.28pm, seconded by Cllr Lane, all in favour. Cllr Webster left the meeting.

12. Consultation Papers to nominate representatives:
i. Local Flood Risk Management Strategy; response by 5Nov’12 (circ.12Sep). Cllr Richardson reported this document mostly refers to larger issues with flooding that can seriously affect the lives of residents, not merely smaller scale localised flooding. He suggested he will respond detailing more routine maintenance could assist with local flooding.

ii. Proposals for new Parliamentary Constituency boundaries; response by 10Dec’12 (circ.19Sep). as the boundaries of the Parish are not affected by this consultation, it was agreed there will be no response by EHI PC.

13. Outside Bodies:
To approve the Councillors’ circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising:

i. NFAF minute re: Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs) & Access Forums (circ.01Oct)-observer only.
ii. Ibsley Village Hall minutes 13 Sep’12 (circ.15Oct) – Cllr Webster attended.

14. County/District Matters:
i. DCllr Dow reported the tree to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was planted last weekend in Hyde.

15. Correspondence
The Clerk reminded all she is on annual leave from 29 October, returning on 5 November. Please contact Cllr Burtenshaw with any urgent issues.

Cllr Webster raised his agenda request for queries related to planning permission for fishing rights on the local lakes is to be raised directly with NFDC Development Control. DCllr Dow agreed to investigate this issue.

The Clerk advised an invitation has been received to the Community First New Forest AGM; no one will attend from EHI PC.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm.

Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7.30pm:-

Parish Council Planning Committee
Tuesday 27 November 2012 Tuesday 13 November 2012
No meeting in December Tuesday 11 December 2012

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