Planning Committee minutes 11 December 2012


Minutes of the meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 11 December 2012.

Present: Cllr Spark – Chairman Cllr Errington Cllr Lane Cllr Stokes Cllr Webster Cllr Richardson

In attendance Natasha Mackenzie – clerk

Members of the public (4)

1. Apologies 12/192P Apologies were received by the Clerk from Cllrs Burtenshaw and Shand.

2. Disclosures of interest 12/193P Cllrs Errington and Spark declared non-pecuniary interests in the two Moyles Court School applications 12/97979 & 12/97980.  They can remain to speak and vote as normal.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (13 November 2012) 12/194P The minutes of the last Planning Committee meeting on 13 November 2012 were approved and signed as correct.  Proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Richardson.  All in favour (5).

4. Matters arising. 12/195P

12/29P – Ellingham Quarry HCC & NFDC 11/98107.  Clerk spoke with Fay Eames; HCC are negotiating a deed of variation for s.106 with Tarmac.  Fay will email clerk when final decision issued.

12/95P – TPOs within parish.  Two sets of plans are in existence TPO 1094, North End Farm.  The tree team have advised Clerk both TPOs have been incorrectly issued with same number, and they will be reviewed in due course when resources are available.

Cllr Lane arrived at 7.35pm, apologising for her lateness.

12/113P – Projector & Screen at Ellingham Church Hall.  Cllr Errington will be liaising with Terry Mason on this project.  Cllr Errington will request for it to be on the agenda in due course.

12/175P – Adlams Plantation.  Clerk has sent request for this wood to be TPO’d.  Liz Beckett (NPA Tree team) advised she has liaised with Rosemary Box and this wood is within a s.106 stating the wood needs to be managed for a period of 80 years by systematic thinning and removal of Turkey oaks.  When it is finalised, Liz will review the s.106 and advise the clerk her opinion.

5. Public Forum – none.

6. Development control and TPO applications. 12/196P NFDC 12/98308 Green Acres, Ibsley Drove, Ibsley – detached garage with room over & external staircase; block of three stables.  Cllr Richardson explained the location and showed an aerial view of the area.  An email from the agent, Tony Huggett, had been received today by the clerk detailing the applicant has withdrawn the stables part of this application; however the clerk had been unable to confirm this with the NFDC.  It was discussed by the members and agreed the Planning Committee will comment on the detached garage, commenting that if in the future the stables form part of the application the Planning Committee will want to consider this and respond separately.  Cllr Richardson showed photos of the property where there are foundations from previous structures and also photos from Ibsley Drove, which shows there are several large agricultural buildings in the close vicinity of Green Acres.  On this proposal, the ridge height of the garage has been reduced.  A lawful development certificate has been issued by NFDC, however the proposed oak framed garage is more in keeping with the property.

The applicant handed to all members and the Clerk a booklet containing information and photos to support their application.  Mr Godwin read through it, highlighting the salient points for the members to consider and ask questions.  It was very informative and useful to the Planning Committee.  However where Mr Godwin had highlighted instances where other applications had been successful, Cllr Spark emphasised that each application is considered on its own individual merits.

A member raised concerns on why the roof lights were necessary if the room above the garage was only to be used for storage.  It was agreed by all that a condition should be included so the first floor space is not for habitable use.  Also clarification was sought as to when the applicant had discussed the ridge height with the Planning Officer, as it was still a main concern in the issued Briefing Note.  The discussion took place some time after the issuance of the Briefing Note.

It was mentioned that when an earlier application (12/98308) was considered by the Planning Committee, the comments were EHI would like to see the removal of the dormer windows on the first floor and a reduction in the ridge height.  Both of these points have been addressed in the new application.  The potential to reduce the size and massing of the building was discussed further by possibly changing the materials used for the roof tiles to a material which does not require a 45 degree pitch, therefore allowing the ridge height to be reduced whilst not compromising the height in the garage for cars.

EHI Parish Council have been notified by the agent and the applicant that this application is now for the GARAGE BUILDING ONLY. EHI Parish Council wish it to be stressed that no consideration whatsoever has been given to the stable block.  Cllr Richardson proposed to recommend permission under option 3 for the following reasons:- • The Parish Council took note of the many agricultural buildings in close proximity to the application and considered the impact of this garage to be equivalent. • EHI PC’s thoughts are as per the previous application 12/98308, and EHI is pleased one recommendation namely the dormer windows have been taken into consideration by being replaced with roof lights. • It is noted that the eaves height has being reduced a little to minimise the size and massing of the garage. But it is felt that this only serves to exaggerate the size of the roof. The Parish Council feel that the application would be better served with a different roof material so that the pitch does not have to be 45°. This would lessen the impact of the building without compromising the space required for vehicles. • The Parish Council wish the building to be restricted so that it has no habitable use.

Seconded by Cllr Lane, 5 in favour, 1 abstention.

12/197P NPA CONS/12/0462 Springdale, Linford Road, Shobley – fell 2 oak trees.  Cllr Lane advised she had visited the site and the two trees have already been felled.  The Clerk confirmed she had received confirmation that an extension would be granted to the Parish Consultation deadline – she will liaise with the NPA tomorrow.  Therefore, no response on this application can be made by the Planning Committee.  Clerk to write to NPA Tree Team.

12/198P NPA 12/97979 Moyles Court School, Rockford – resurfacing and extension to tennis court and NPA 12/97980 Moyles Court School, Rockford – repairs to listed wall; installation of surface water drain; resurfacing and extension to tennis court (application for Listed Building Consent).  These items are closely related and will be discussed together.

Cllr Errington explained the location and showed a variety of photos of the tennis court from the inside and the outside.  The wall dates back to the 1700s and has fallen into disrepair due to lack of maintenance over the years with plants and roots growing through the wall.  Moyles Court School is now undertaking significant repairs to the wall and enhancements to the drainage.  The existing hard surface of the tennis court is not permeable, so the plan is to punch holes in the surface to enhance the drainage, which then naturally flows into Dockens Water.

Greg Meakin (Headmaster) confirmed some rubble shown on the photos will be removed, and archaeologists have been consulted on the materials to be used for the restoration project.  The area will also be used for football activities.  He confirmed the access to the enclosed tennis court will be from the school only, and some netting may be used at each end to minimise the potential for any damage to be caused to the wall.

For both applications Cllr Errington proposed to recommend permission under option 3 for the following reason:-

• There is no impact on the surrounding area or amenity value as the works are all internal and will not be visible from outside.

Seconded by Cllr Lame, all in favour (6).

12/199P NPA SFLA/12/0498 Milkham Bottom – Streamlined Felling Licence Application: fell mature Scot’s pine, NPA SFLA/12/0558 Soldiers Bog North – Streamlined Felling Licence Application: fell Scot’s pine and NPA SFLA/12/0553 Buckherd Bottom – Streamlined Felling Licence Application: fell 25 trees, varied species.  These items are closely related and will be discussed together.

Cllr Burtenshaw was unable to attend the meeting and had circulated a report to all members for their consideration before the meeting.  She had visited the sites and accepted that the applications were to continue the work of the Forestry Commission as part of their Open Forest management, photos were shown of some of the trees.  Cllr Errington had helpfully pointed out these works are part of the LIFE 2 project to restore the open forest to a favourable condition on the Crown Lands.

There was discussion and concerns were raised that the trees are being felled just to create views, however it was reiterated that it is part of returning the forest to open heathland.  It was clarified that the 25 trees to be felled at Buckherd Bottom are outside of the inclosure.  Members raised concerns on wanting some trees to be left as roosting points for birds and wanted this voiced to the NPA.  Clerk to action.

On all three applications, Cllr Stokes proposed to raise no objections.  Seconded by Cllr Spark, all in favour.

12/200P NPA TPO/12/0552 Nutwell Wood, Bleak Hill, Harbridge – various works to holly.  Cllr Spark explained the location and showed photos of the footpath, and all members were advised by the Clerk it was a retrospective application.  Secondary growth had been cut back on the holly, and a crown lift to 3.5m had been carried out.  There was discussion surrounding other activity at the property, such as the fencing and cutting down of trees, and it was agreed the Clerk will raise this directly with the NPA Tree Officer asking them to keep a close eye on the property.  Clerk to do.

Cllr Spark proposed to recommend to raise no objections.  Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour (6).

12/201P NPA TPO/12/0554 Bleak Hill South, Harbridge – various tree works.  Cllr Spark explained the location and detailed the works to be carried out on the access track to the property, stating he felt the proposal was good management of the woodland.

Cllr Spark proposed to raise no objections.  Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour (6).

12/202P An additional item was raised concerning the change of the boundary at Horseshoe Cottage, Rockford from wooden fencing to brick columns (which are in the process of being built).  Concerns were raised on whether the NPA should be consulted on such a change, and the Clerk was requested to ask the NPA Enforcement team to look at this property and ask for an explanation on what the policies are for boundary treatments so the Parish Council can use this as a learning exercise.  Clerk to action.

7. Decisions received from NFDC & NPA (circulated prior to agenda approved): 12/203P NPA 12/97588 Little Pointers Farm, Linwood – granted stc NPA CONS/12/0412 Ashdown, Linford – raise no objections NPA CONS/12/0427 Orchards, Blind Lane, South Gorley – raise no objections NPA CONS/12/0435 Forest Edge Farm, Highwood Lane, Highwood  – raise no objections NPA 12/97899 Ashdown, Linford Road, Linford – granted stc

8. Cllr Burtenshaw’s report on meeting with Newlands Farm re: proposed dragon’s teeth on Mockbeggar Lane East and Moyles Court (to be circulated before meeting).

12/204P All members had read Cllr Burtenshaw’s report.  Initially, concerns were raised by several members on why is the access gate required opposite Moyles Court School when the prior notification permission for the agricultural barn to be situated in the north eastern corner of the Newlands land has lapsed (07/91655 issued for 5 years issued in June 2007)?

Cllr Spark asked this item be deferred to the next Planning Committee meeting to enable Cllr Burtenshaw to be present for the discussions.  Clerk to put on agenda for 8 January 2013.

The potential delay on the proposal for works to maintain the dragon’s teeth and barriers in the Moyles Court ford area was discussed, and all agreed the works need not be delayed pending the Newlands request to move their gate access, as it is imperative the SSSI verges be protected.  Clerk to continue with the project.

9. Correspondence – none.

10. Other Business 12/205P Cllr Webster enquired if Cllr Errington knew if the ditch at Rockford Farm was permitted under the Article 4 directive?  Cllr Errington responded the matter is currently being looked into.

12/206P Finally Cllr Errington advised sadly Sandy Tolmay, Senior Planning Enforcement Officer of the NPA has passed away, any condolences are to be sent direct to the NPA.

Meeting closed at 9.23pm.

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th January 2013 at 7.30pm in Ellingham Church Hall.

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