Planning Committee minutes 13 November 2012


Minutes of the meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 13 November 2012.

Cllr Spark – Chairman

Cllr Errington

Cllr Burtenshaw

Cllr Lane

Cllr Stokes

Cllr Webster

Cllr Richardson

In attendance

Natasha Mackenzie – clerk

Members of the public (3)

1. Apologies


Apologies were received by the Clerk from Cllr Shand. Cllr Lane was running late and would arrive as soon as possible.

2. Disclosures of interest – none.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (9 October 2012)


The minutes of the last Planning Committee meeting on 9 October 2012 were approved and signed as correct. Proposed by Cllr Webster, seconded by Cllr Errington. All in favour.

4. Matters arising.


12/17P – Ditch & culvert standard response to raise awareness and encourage residents’ responsibility. Cllr Errington is working with the NPA to ensure the information is accurate and will give clarity to residents on ditch responsibility. It will be on the agenda in due course.

12/29P – Ellingham Quarry HCC & NFDC 11/98107. Clerk spoke with Fay Eames; HCC are negotiating a deed of variation for s.106 with Tarmac. Fay will email clerk when final decision issued.

12/95P – TPOs within parish. Two sets of plans for TPO 1094. No response received from NFDC tree team, so have contacted NPA tree team for response. Clerk to have update for next meeting.

Cllr Lane arrived at 7.33pm.

12/112P – Headlands 106 missing pages of agreement. Cllr Errington advised Martin Devine (NFDC) has advised the Headlands Section 106 files are being reviewed internally. This will be moved to the Parish Council matters arising for when an update is available.

12/113P – Projector & Screen at Ellingham Church Hall. Cllr Errington is attempting to progress this project however the contact is no longer involved with the Church Hall. The Clerk has provided contact details for the vicar Rev Jenny Alidina. Cllr Errington will request for it to be on the agenda in due course.

12/157P – Landscape Plans for Rockford & Snails Lake – parking concerns. The Parish Council’s wish for production of landownership map was raised at Blashford Lakes Forum by Cllrs Errington & Webster in October, and it will be pursued by the Access Forum when they meet next. This will be moved to the Parish Council matters arising.

12/173P – Verge by the triangle of land at the top of Mockbeggar Lane East causing noticeable damage, continuing on foot to a field for livery purposes. Cllr Burtenshaw advised the land belongs to the property Mark Beacon, and she has not been able to find out any information about the possibility of a livery being run here. Clerk to advise resident.

12/175P Adlams Plantation. Clerk has sent request for this wood to be TPO’d – no response yet. Clerk to have update for next meeting.

5. Public Forum – none.

6. Development control and TPO applications.


NPA CONS/12/0412 Ashdown, Linford – fell silver birch & 2x scots pine. Cllr Richardson explained the location and showed many photos of the trees in their current location from outside the property’s curtilage. The three trees proposed to be felled are all on the rear boundary of the property where a brick culvert is situated which is seriously undermining the root ball of the trees, causing them to be considered a possible danger. This was discussed at length and concerns were raised on whether the trees are being felled as they are considered an inconvenience by the applicants, as the applicants also have a planning application to site a garage very close to the trees.

The applicants assured the committee they have been advised by a professional of the potential danger of the trees, and it is not purely because they wish to site a garage there. They reiterated the magnificent oak tree they are retaining near the access gate to the property and the extent which they wish to protect the roots when any works are being carried out.

Cllr Errington recommended to raise no objections, seconded by Cllr Burtenshaw. 6 in favour, 1 abstention.


NPA 12/97899 Ashdown, Linford – double garage. Cllr Richardson explained the location of the property and where the proposed garage is sited, showing the block plans for the garage. The structure will be at least 1.5m distance from the brick culvert (which was discussed in the tree application for this property) and be accessed through an existing 5 bar gate next to an impressive oak tree (which is being retained and roots to be protected during any works at the property). It was noted the architect had not accurately shown the siting of the garage on the submitted plans, as it will not be immediately on the boundary. It was ascertained the ridge height is below 4m and the roof will be hipped to minimise its impact.

There will be an addition of some hard-standing in order to access the new garage, which the applicants confirmed will be weed control membrane and gravel, and also the existing outbuilding will be removed. The mound evidence in Cllr Richardson’s photos is thought to be rubble, and the tree officer had no issues with the prominent mound being landscaped. It was noted that the proposed garage would be in addition to an existing garage close to the house.

Cllr Richardson proposed to recommend permission under option 3 with the following condition:-

The detached double garage is not permitted to be converted for habitable use in the future.

Seconded by Cllr Lane, all in favour.


NPA 12/97908 Merrihill, Highwood – new front entrance porch; existing flat porch roof removed with new replacement pitched roof & alterations. Cllr Errington detailed the location and showed photos. The applicant detailed the house is originally a 1920s timber framed property imported from Scandinavia, and a brick skin was installed in the 1980s. The glazed, flat roofed front extension was added some time ago and this proposal will remove this and install a tiled, pitched roof. There will be two roof lights and a window to allow light into the gloomy staircase. There are plans for the glazing to be replaced with something very similar in due course.

There was some discussion on the material to be used for the new tiles, the applicant is considering using slate, and it was discussed if matching the main roof or showing a distinct difference for the additional roof was appropriate. It was agreed that this should be decided by the officer with a comment.

Cllr Errington proposed to recommend permission under option 3 with the following comment:-

EHI would like the new roofing materials to be sympathetic with the main roof either slates or matching tiles.

Seconded by Cllr Stokes, all in favour.


NPA 12/97856 Birchlands, South Gorley – extension to barn. Cllr Lane explained the location and the proposal to extend the barn roof to accommodate overwintering young and vulnerable cattle. The flying canopy would be 6m x 3m and it is not visible to immediate neighbours, but is visible at a distance from the road (photos from all aspects shown to the committee).

Cllr Stokes proposed to recommend permission under option 3 with the following comment:-

EHI would like the colour of the materials for the roof extension to blend in with the surrounding countryside.

Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour.


NPA CONS/12/0427 Orchards, Blind Lane, South Gorley – ash x2 reduce by 1/3 height. Cllr Burtenshaw explained the location and showed photos of the trees on the boundary of the road. There is some damage to the trees, and she proposed to raise no objections to the tree works, seconded by Cllr Lane, all in favour.


NFDC CONS/12/0393 The Old Rectory, Mockbeggar Lane, Ibsley – various tree works. Cllr Spark explained the location and showed streetviews of the property. He explained the proposed works and the reasons; the trees T1-4 are adjacent to the footpath with some branches overhanging it and there are overhead telephone cables which the trees are interfering with. The fruit trees are proposed to be reduced to a height of 2m. There are no comments from the neighbouring properties, and Cllr Spark recommended to raise no objections. Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour.


NPA CONS/12/0435 Forest Edge Farm – various tree works. Cllr Burtenshaw explained location and advised the applicant resides at the Old Pump House and the two residents are working together on this tree line which borders both properties. The trees consist of birch, oak and turkey oak, and the proposal is to fell 5 of these and removal of large lower branches on an oak. Cllr Burtenshaw advised she had considered the tree line and removing these trees would not adversely affect the vista, but allow the remaining trees sufficient room to grow.

Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to raise no objections, seconded by Cllr Stokes, all in favour.


NPA 12/97588 Little Pointers Farm, Linwood – creation of private equestrian buildings (amended plans). Cllr lane explained the location and detailed this is an amendment to the original application considered by the Planning Committee in July 2012, where the size of the stables extension is reduced and some of the outbuildings removed. Cllr Lane showed the proposed block plans and showed photos of the area. The stables are too low so in need of being replaced.

The Design & Access statement was explored and resulting discussions agreed the proposal would result in sufficient space for the applicant’s horses, however several concerns were expressed on the potential for the development of these facilities to creep further in line with the applicant’s activities, such as creation of a ménage, etc.

There are several outbuildings within the property and the Planning Committee welcomed these being reduced and condensed in a sympathetic building. However the drawing referred to in the Design & Access statement “S4943 102A Plan to show proposed areas of existing and replacement buildings” was not available on the NPA website, so the Planning Committee was unable to comment on this.

Complaints had been received by two residents and these were drawn to the attention of the members on the committee. The previous application was approved by the Planning Committee with a condition that the facilities be retained purely for personal use only. There was further discussion on external lighting, the existing mobile home on the premises, and the number of staff travelling to and from the property.

Cllr Spark proposed to suspend Standing Orders at 9.37pm, seconded by Cllr Lane, all in favour.

After further discussion, Cllr Spark proposed to recommend permission under option 3 with the following reasons/conditions:-

EHI PC welcome the reduction in the size and massing of the buildings.

The equestrian facilities are conditioned for personal equestrian use only.

The existing structures are to be removed, as per drawing S4943 102A.

All external lighting be PIR controlled at a wattage befitting this rural ‘dark skies’ environment.

EHI PC will not be receptive to any future applications to extend the equestrian facilities in the future, eg a ménage.

Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour.


NPA 12/97941 Site of former Little Chef, Picket Post – variation to condition 4. Cllr Burtenshaw reminded the members of the previous application (12/97407) and explained the proposal in this application is to change the operating hours of the site set by the NPA from 6am-midnight to 6am-12.30am. There was discussion on the definition of the operating hours, and between what times activities are permitted.

Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to recommend refusal under option 4 for the following reasons:-

There is no information supplied within the application for justification of removing ambiguity.

EHI PC is concerned on the reference to ‘outdoor seating area’ in the Planning Officer’s briefing note’s proposal, as no outdoor seating area has been applied for.

Seconded by Cllr Errington, all in favour.

7. Decisions received from NFDC & NPA (circulated prior to agenda approved):


NPA 12/97796 Broomy Lodge, Linwood – grant stc

NFDC 12/99079 Eastern shore of Ibsley Water to the north of Ellingham Drove – granted

HCC/2012/0313 Blue Haze Landfill, Verwood Road – granted

8. Development Control Committee & Appeals:


NFDC 12/98884 The Old Rectory, Mockbeggar Lane, Ibsley – detached double garage appeal via written representations method. The Planning Committee is unable to make any further comments.

9. Correspondence – none.

10. Other Business – none.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm.

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 11thDecember 2012 at 7.30pm in Ellingham Church Hall.

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