Planning Committee agenda 12 February 2013



Councillors who sit on Ellingham, Harbridge & Ibsley Parish Council’s Planning Committee are summoned to a meeting to be held in Ellingham Church Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 12 February 2013.

Members of the public are invited to attend the Planning Committee meeting as observers only. There will be an opportunity during the public forum for questions about planning applications. Planning applications will be shown electronically during the meeting. Paper plans will only be available where received. All the listed planning applications are available on the Authorities’ websites.


1. Apologies
2. Declarations of Interest
3. Minutes of the last meeting (8 January 2013)
4. Matters arising (not on the agenda)
5. Public Forum
6. Development control and TPO applications:
NPA 12/98115 Moyles Court School, Rockford – external alterations (Cllr Errington)
NPA 12/98116 Moyles Court School, Rockford – internal and external alterations (application for listed building consent) (Cllr Errington)
7. Decisions received from NFDC & NFNPA – circulated:
NPA 12/97979 & 12/97980 Moyles Court School, Rockford – granted stc
NFDC 12/99471 Hucklesbrook Cottage, Ringwood Road, South Gorley – granted stc
NPA CONS/12/0600 Highwood Copse, Highwood Lane – various tree works – decision issued by NPA before EHI could review it –raise no objections
NPA 12/98012/LCDP Blackheath Farm, Toms Lane, Linwood (EHI only notified) – refused
NPA 12/98009 Horseshoe Cottage, Gorley Road, Rockford – refused
NPA 12/97932 Avon Valley Nurseries, South Gorley, Fordingbridge – Temporary permission granted
NPA 12/97831 Edgemoor Farm, Toms Lane, Linwood – Temporary permission granted
NPA TPO/12/0631 Broomy, Gorley Road, Rockford – granted
8. Appeals & Enforcement – circulated:
QU/13/0008 Horseshoe Cottage, Rockford – unauthorised development; front boundary wall & driveway
Clerk’s verbal update on NFDC Enforcement List
9. Consultations:
NPA Planning consultation – Ringwood Local Distinctiveness Public Consultation on Draft Supplementary Planning Document; response by 18Feb’13. (Cllr Richardson)
10. Speaking at NPA Planning Committee meetings – NPA proposal of time to address Committee reduced to three minutes introduction of one minute ‘right to reply’ to Parish Councils (circ.17Dec12)
11. Correspondence
12. Other Business

N Mackenzie

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