Faster Broadband in the Parish

Over the last year Moyles Court School has been extensively researching ways to improve the internet service needed at the school. Part of this research included whether they might also be able to help bring faster broadband to the wider parish, large areas of which suffer from very slow connection speeds.

By this Spring the school should have a fibre optic connection up and running. Their current needs will take up about 10% capacity of this service, leaving the rest for future growth and possible use of homes in the parish.

If a community-led or other type of organisation wanted to supply and run the necessary infrastructure, the school is very generously offering to lease this remaining capacity for use by householders and businesses in the parish. The connection is being set up so that additional capacity can easily be added in the future if needed.

BT Openreach will be starting work on the BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) contract for Hampshire in late Spring. With funding from Openreach, HCC and District Councils, this scheme is intended to take the number of premises capable of receiving Superfast Broadband (min. speeds of 24Mbit) up to 90% by 2015. However, it is probable that across the NFDC area alone some 7-10,000 premises will receive little or no benefit from it.

Once more details of the planned works by Openreach are available, NFDC will be contacting residents about the likely future of internet services in rural areas, and asking them to take part in a survey on broadband needs.

Largely thanks to the head start offered by the Moyles Court School initiative, EHIPC has been chosen as one of three pilot areas in the District to work out how best to get decent broadband services to where they are needed.

When the survey comes, please help by taking part (sorry – yet another to fill in!), the information gathered will be very useful. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Natasha Mackenzie, the Clerk, who will put you in contact with the right person to answer them.

Cllr Roly Errington

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