Planning Committee minutes 12 February 2013

12 February 2013


Minutes of the meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 12 February 2013.Present:

Cllr Spark – Chairman
Cllr Errington
Cllr Burtenshaw
Cllr Lane
Cllr Shand
Cllr Stokes
Cllr Webster
Cllr Richardson

In attendance
Natasha Mackenzie – clerk

Members of the public (3)

1. Apologies – none

2. Disclosures of interest
Cllr Spark declared a non-pecuniary interest in NPA 12/98115 & 98116 Moyles Court School applications. He will remain to speak and vote as normal.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (8 January 2013)
Following clarification of the term ‘incidental use’ in the previous minutes, the minutes of the last Planning Committee meeting on 8 January 2013 were approved and signed as correct. Proposed by Cllr Webster, seconded by Cllr Shand. All in favour (8).

4. Matters arising.

12/29P – Ellingham Quarry HCC & NFDC 11/98107. Clerk spoke with Fay Eames; HCC are negotiating a deed of variation for s.106 with Tarmac. Fay will email clerk when final decision issued.

12/95P – TPOs within parish. Two sets of plans for TPO 1094. The tree team have advised Clerk both TPOs have been incorrectly issued with same number, and they will be reviewed in due course when resources are available.

12/113P – Projector & Screen at Ellingham Church Hall. Clerk to liaise with Terry Mason and ask him to contact Cllr Errington.

12/175P Adlams Plantation. Clerk has sent request for this wood to be TPO’d. Liz Beckett advised she has liaised with Rosemary Box and this wood is within a s.106 stating the wood needs to be managed for a period of 80 years by systematic thinning and removal of Turkey oaks. When it is finalised, Liz will review the s.106 and advise the clerk her opinion.

12/204P Dragon’s teeth maintenance Moyles Court Ford area. Cllr Errington has provided a detailed map of the proposals which have been sent to Natural England for their consent. A grant application has been sent to Hanson Concrete Charitable Trust. Awaiting response.

5. Public Forum – none.

6. Development control and TPO applications.
Due to the nature of the two following applications, they will be discussed together:-
NPA 12/98115 Moyles Court School, Rockford – external alterations
NPA 12/98116 Moyles Court School, Rockford – internal and external alterations (application for listed building consent).

Cllr Errington detailed the location and demonstrated on an aerial view of the site what area these applications are for. The proposals are for minor alterations to a long flat-roofed part of the building which is ancillary to the main Elizabethan building, consisting of their nursery, some classrooms, a corridor and cloakrooms.

Cllr Errington explained the external alterations largely consist of changes to the glazing on the south and north elevations, such as; a window changing to a door to give access to the outside hard-standing area; a high single window being changed to a triple opening (window, door, window); a run of high level windows being changed to a single window. There will be no additional footage created under these proposals or raising of the roofline as the works are mainly internal remodelling in order to improve the facilities and access to this part of the School.

The architect Simon Morgan clarified this building was constructed in the 60s/70s; there is no Elizabethan panelling present in this part of the School. The internal works will create a reception to control visitors and improve the appearance of the outside of the building (with the addition of a fascia), whilst also bringing extra light into the internal corridor via sun pipes. Greg Meakin, Headmaster, advised the works will separate the borders’ entrance to the School from the public entrance, and the varied hard-standing area outside the north of the building will be updated at a later date. It was ascertained the Conservation officer requested the replacement windows, doors and fascias be white.

Cllr Errington proposed to recommend permission under option 3 with the following comment:-

• It was felt the first set of plans (which have been withdrawn) would have resulted in a pleasing distinction of this part of the School from the main building.

Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour (8).

7. Decisions received from NFDC & NPA (circulated prior to agenda approved):
NPA 12/97979 & 12/97980 Moyles Court School, Rockford – granted stc
NFDC 12/99471 Hucklesbrook Cottage, Ringwood Road, South Gorley – granted stc
NPA CONS/12/0600 Highwood Copse, Highwood Lane – various tree works – decision issued by NPA before EHI could review it –raise no objections
NPA 12/98012/LCDP Blackheath Farm, Toms Lane, Linwood (EHI only notified) – refused
NPA 12/98009 Horseshoe Cottage, Gorley Road, Rockford – refused
NPA 12/97932 Avon Valley Nurseries, South Gorley, Fordingbridge – Temporary permission granted
NPA 12/97831 Edgemoor Farm, Toms Lane, Linwood – Temporary permission granted
NPA TPO/12/0631 Broomy, Gorley Road, Rockford – granted

8. Appeals & Enforcement (circulated prior to agenda approved):
QU/13/0008 Horseshoe Cottage, Rockford – unauthorised development; front boundary wall & driveway. The NPA are still investigating this enforcement. Clerk to clarify with the Enforcement team the guidance for boundary treatment.

Clerk’s verbal update on NFDC Enforcement List.
• EN/12/0045 Harbridge Farm – either a new application or pre-application advice is thought imminent.
• EN/12/0437 Turmer Cottage – an update has been requested by the Clerk but not yet received on the status of this case of unauthorised thatching.
• EN/12/0439 Nutwell Wood – it is thought an enforcement notice is about to be issued.
• EN/12/0654 Lots 1 & 2 Lomer Lane – a breach has been established by the NPA. It was clarified that it is how the land is used which determines whether a planning application or lawful certificate of development is required, not how the land is sold in the sales particulars. The general guidance is 1 acre per horse, but there are many varying conditions.

In addition, Cllr Burtenshaw expressed how the Parish Council need to be there to help residents and landowners, and not act as if ‘policing’ the Parish on planning issues.

9. Consultations:
NFDC Planning consultation – Ringwood Local Distinctiveness Public Consultation on Draft Supplementary Planning Document; response by 18Feb’13. Cllr Richardson had circulated his thoughts on this consultation to all members prior to the meeting, proposing that no response be made as not particularly relevant to our Parish. Cllr Errington advised it is intended as a guide for future development within Ringwood, and previous oversights (such as the lack of amenity space is Poulner) are intended no to be repeated. The Clerk is to raise concern on the inclusion of Headlands Business Park, which is in EHI Parish.
10. Speaking at NPA Planning Committee meetings – NPA proposal of time to address Committee reduced to three minutes introduction of one minute ‘right to reply’ to Parish Councils (circ.17Dec12)
The benefits of being limited to 3 minutes to speak in order to gain the one minute ‘right to reply’ was discussed. Cllr Spark proposed to respond to the NPA stating the Parish Council’s preference is for 3 minutes to speak, then 3 minutes ‘right to reply’. Seconded by Cllr Stokes, all in favour. Clerk to respond to Steve Avery.

11. Correspondence
The recent email updates circulated by the Clerk on the fishing at Mockbeggar Lakes was mentioned, and a member advised a fisherman had been seen recently. Cllr Burtenshaw reiterated NFDC have approached Somerley in order to clarify what is determined as lawful use, and DCllr Dow will update the Parish Council in due course.

12. Other Business
Cllr Shand enquired if there is any update on Linford Park Nursing Home – none.

Cllr Stokes advised one of the Jubilee Oaks donated by HCC will be planted at Harbridge Green, with the land oweners permission. Clerk to write to the landowner expressing the Parish Council’s gratitude. On agenda for 26 February to decide on whether a plaque is appropriate.

Cllr Burtenshaw advised the recent emergency ditching works were carried out by Malcolm Lambert, and he has kindly waived his fee for the work. Clerk to write to Mr Lambert.

Meeting closed at 8.35pm.

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on
Tuesday 12th March 2013 at 7.30pm in Ellingham Church Hall.