Planning Committee minutes 12 March 2013

12 March 2013


Minutes of the meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 12 March 2013.

Cllr Spark – Chairman
Cllr Errington
Cllr Lane
Cllr Shand
Cllr Stokes
Cllr Webster
Cllr Richardson

In attendance
Natasha Mackenzie – clerk

Members of the public (2)

1. Apologies
The Clerk reported receiving apologies from Cllr Burtenshaw.

2. Disclosures of interest – none

3. Minutes of the last meeting (12 February 2013)
The minutes of the last Planning Committee meeting on 12 February 2013 were approved and signed as correct. Proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Webster. All in favour (7).

4. Matters arising.

12/29P – Ellingham Quarry HCC & NFDC 11/98107. Clerk has spoken with Fay Eames; HCC are negotiating a deed of variation for s.106 with Tarmac. Fay will email clerk when final decision issued.
12/95P – TPOs within parish. Two sets of plans for TPO 1094. The tree team have advised Clerk both TPOs have been incorrectly issued with same number, and they will be reviewed in due course when resources are available.

12/113P – Projector & Screen at Ellingham Church Hall. Cllr Errington is hoping to meet with Terry Mason in the next few days, and will request for it to be on the agenda in due course.
12/175P Adlams Plantation. Clerk has sent request for this wood to be TPO’d. Liz Beckett advised she has liaised with Rosemary Box and this wood is within a s.106 stating the wood needs to be managed for a period of 80 years by systematic thinning and removal of Turkey oaks. When it is finalised, Liz will review the s.106 and advise the clerk her opinion.
12/204P Dragon’s teeth Moyles Court ford area. Natural England has given their consent for the works, the Clerk is liaising with Somerley Estate in relation to the works to verges owned by them. The grant has been approved by Hanson Concrete Charitable Trust. Works are scheduled for 25 March, the Clerk will advise adjoining landowners and erect notices to advise residents and visitors.

13/20P QU/13/0008 Horseshoe Cottage, Rockford – unauthorised development; front boundary wall & driveway. The NPA are still investigating this enforcement, and have advised the Clerk each breach is reviewed individually.
13/24P T&PC’s ‘Right to reply’ at NPA meetings. The Clerk circulated Steve Avery’s response on 11 March – it is being proposed for Town & Parish Councils to have 1 minute Right to Reply but no change to current unlimited time for initial presentations. It will go before the NPA’s meeting on 28 March for approval.
13/27P Planting of a Jubilee Oak. Cllr Stokes reported one oak has been planted at Bleak Hill and showed photos. The Clerk will put on the agenda for 26 March to discuss whether a plaque should be funded by the Parish Council.
13/28P Cllr Burtenshaw requested a letter of thanks be sent to Malcolm Lambert, the Clerk now has his address and she will action this on Wednesday 13 March.
5. Public Forum – none.
Mr Smith enquired exactly why the application for Land at Mockbeggar is not being discussed at this meeting, the delay in waiting till the next meeting, and how would the Parish Council be able to respond when the deadline has passed. Cllr Spark advised due to errata within the application form, the NPA were seeking clarity and would advise the Parish Council in due course, and an extension could be requested until after the next Planning Committee meeting on 9 April. Mr Smith expressed he is unhappy the agenda states there are errata in the application form when the issue had been cleared up between the agent and the NPA.

Furthermore, Mr Smith expressed concern on why he has not been consulted on the proposed works in the Moyles Court area. The Clerk responded that Cllr Burtenshaw had spoken directly with Mr Smith about the proposals in this area, and whilst the work is scheduled in with the Forestry Commission, it has been a work in progress. Clerk to forward the details to Mr Smith. Cllr Errington advised the works will increase the splay on the entrance to the access gate to Newlands Farm making it easier for farm vehicles to use the entrance.

Mr Smith went on to express his unhappiness at vehicles restricting this access point and after some discussion, along with the Parish Council’s proposal to display a ‘no parking’ sign on the gate with Mr Smith’s permission, it was agreed the Parish Council will request the ice cream van to only park their motorised vehicle in the access point, should they need to park there. Mr Smith was encouraged to report any incidences of his access being blocked to the Clerk, along with photographic evidence. Clerk to liaise with Mr Smith re: no parking sign.

6. Development control and TPO applications.
NPA 13/98200 Three Springs, 5 New Road, Mockbeggar – rendering of bungalow. Cllr Richardson explained the location of the bungalow and detailed it is a red brick built residence with several additions over the years. Photos were shown of the right side of the property which is already rendered in white, as is the outbuilding at the end of the garden. Photos were shown of the several extensions to the property with the different colours of brick and mortar. The neighbouring and opposing properties are all rendered white.
Cllr Stokes proposed to recommend permission under option 3, as the neighbouring properties were already rendered in a similar style to that proposed, seconded by Cllr Lane, all in favour (7).
NPA CONS/13/0085 Mockbeggar Farm, Mockbeggar – works to ash tree. Cllr Stokes advised the proposed works are to a large ash tree which is clearly visible from Mockbeggar Lane East and Highwood Lane. The tree is on the western perimeter of Mockbeggar Farm; aerial maps were referred to, to establish the location and size of the tree. The proposals for 30-40% reduction were shown on the photos, and concern was expressed on what impact the proposals would have on the amenity value of the tree and on the tree itself. Cllr Stokes had spoken with the NPA tree officer on this application, who indicated she had concerns on the proposals. Cllr Stokes also advised there are large panels of glazing on the winnowing barn to the east of the tree, and expressed concern on the effect of potential light pollution.
Cllr Stokes proposed to raise objections, with a comment that 10% should be the maximum crown reduction. Seconded by Cllr Shand, then voting was not completed due to a comment in relation to 10% crown reduction is difficult to carry out and a councillor thinking the vote was in favour.

Cllr Spark counter proposed to raise objections, expressing concerns on the 40% reduction and defer to the Tree Officer’s recommendation with the comment that the council would accept a 20% reduction overall. Seconded by Cllr Shand, all in favour (7). Motion carried.

NPA 13/98213 The Lodge, Moyles Court, Rockford – pitched roof to porch. Cllr Errington explained the location and showed street views and photos of the property and of the flat roof where the proposed works are. Reviewing the elevations, it was determined how the proposed pitch of the new roof would tie in with the existing roof. He confirmed no additional floor space would be gained as a result in this application, and commented his views that the proposal would be an improvement to the existing flat roof. All agreed they had concerns on how the new roof dissects the first floor window.

Cllr Errington proposed to recommend permission under option 1 with delegated powers to the NPA, with the following comments:-

• The Parish Council agree with the principle of the addition of a pitched roof, however would prefer the new roof line to come below the first floor window.
• The new roof materials are matched to existing materials.

Seconded by Cllr Shand, all in favour (7).

NFDC 13/10140 Drayton Cottage, Linbrook – rear conservatory. Cllr Spark informed that Cllr Errington will act as chair for this application whilst he presents it. Cllr Spark explained the location of this property, and summarised its’ previous planning history. This application is for a conservatory constructed of brick and glass and showed on the elevations it will have views over Linbrook Lake. The NFDC case officer’s comments detailed how a conservatory of a maximum size of 20 sq.m is considered permitted development, and this conservatory is likely to be approx. 20 sq.m. It was discussed and agreed by all that steps need to be taken to help to attenuate the potential light pollution.

Cllr Spark proposed to recommend permission under option 3 with the following comments:-

• The applicant must take steps to help attenuate the potential light pollution with installation of blinds.
• The conservatory is for incidental use only.

Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour (7).

7. Licensing Authority application:
Consider Licensing Act 2003 – Grant of Premises License (S17) application for premises: Shell Forest Edge Filling Station A31 Eastbound. Cllr Errington outlined the criteria that EHI PC can respond under, and detailed the current arrangements: the filling station is currently able to sell late night refreshments from 11pm to 5am, however it is not licensed to sell alcohol at anytime. The alcohol license requested is for 24 hours every day.

This was extensively discussed by the Councillors, and it was noted that currently within the Parish there are no 24 hour alcohol licenses in operation, however there is an 8am to 11pm alcohol license. Concerns were raised over the potential for alcohol to be sold and then consumed in the well-screened car park at the soon to be re-opened fast food outlet with restaurant and takeaway immediately next door to the filling station, or at forest car parks a short drive away, especially during the evening and night time hours of the license being operational. It is a rural location hidden from the main access road and its’ main exit is onto the very busy A31 road.

Cllr Spark proposed for the Clerk to write a representation under the concerns of Public Safety and Prevention of Public Nuisance for the following reasons:-

• The fast food outlet immediately next door to the filling station has extensive parking which is well screened from the access road, and use of this parking could result in the alcohol being consumed on someone else’s premises;
• Concerns of public safety on the busy A31;
• The Parish Council desire for the alcohol licensing hours to be restricted to 8am to 11pm, in line with other licenses issued in the area.

Seconded by Cllr Errington, all in favour (7).

8. Decisions received from NFDC & NPA (circulated prior to agenda approved):
NFDC 12/99286 Green Acres, Ibsley Drove, Ibsley – granted stc

9. Appeals & Enforcement (circulated prior to agenda approved): none

10. Consultations: none

11. Discuss and consider EHI PC’s participation of the GIS ForestMap scheme
Cllr Spark outlined the scheme which is operated by NFDC and enables users to view Ordinance Survey maps with many different layers. It is a very valuable tool, which can assist to establish land ownership and it should be used more by the Parish Council. The subscription cost for the next year is £100. Cllr Spark proposed for EHI PC to pay the subscription for the next year and ensure more members are cross trained on the system. Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour. Clerk to advise NFDC of our participation and put on the agenda for approval on 26 March.

12. Correspondence
The Clerk had been notified of a consultation on the NPA draft Local Enforcement Plan, which requires a response by 12 Apr (circ.11Mar13). Cllr Lane volunteered to look at this consultation and circulate a proposed response for approval at the next Planning Committee meeting on 9 April.
13. Other Business
Cllr Shand commented she finds the drop-box facility very useful. Cllr Errington reminded all users to advise him by email if members are uploading data, to prevent duplication. Everyone was encouraged all to use it when looking at planning applications prior to planning meetings and everyone was reminded not to upload at the last minute.

Meeting closed at 9.05pm.

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on
Tuesday 9th April 2013 at 7.30pm in Ellingham Church Hall.