Parish Council agenda 25 June 2013


1. Apologies

2. Declarations of interests

3. To confirm the minutes of the meeting on 28 May 2013 and the Annual Parish Meeting on 23 April 2013

4. Chairman’s report on matters arising from 28 May 2013 (not on the agenda)

5. Public Forum

6. Finance:

i. Payment of accounts

ii. Financial report

iii. Agreement on Annual Insurance proposal

iv. Decide on how to progress the blackout blind/projector screen to be sited in Ellingham Church Hall

v. Proposal to hire projector and computer for meetings

7. Crime in the Parish:

8. Environmental matters:

i. Footpaths;

ii. Ditches, culverts & overhanging vegetation; visibility on A338 at Ibsley & Kent Lane junctions

iii. Flooding issues on bend at Fetlock Farm

iv. Commoners Defence Association complaint re: fitness clubs on Rockford Common

v. Widening of single track forest road, Linwood by HCC

vi. Decide on erection of ‘no parking’ signs at gate Moyles Court ford & on grass at Cross Lanes Green

9. Community matters:

i. Ellingham Show 10 August 2013: update and proposal to purchase second road-side banner

ii. HARAH: update

10. Consultation Papers (to approve responses or agree attendees as appropriate):

i. Proposed changes to the evening journeys on X3 (Salisbury-Ringwood-Bournemouth); response by 26Jun13 (Cllr Lane)

ii. NFDC consultation on 1APP Local Planning Application requirements; response by 4Jul13 (Cllr Spark)

iii. NPA consultation on 1APP Local Planning Application requirements; response by 16Jul’13 (Cllr Spark)

11. Outside Bodies:

To approve the Councillor’s circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising:

i. Blashford Lakes Forum meeting 7May13 (Cllrs Errington & Webster)

12. County/District matters:

i. Reports from County & District Councillors.

13. Correspondence

Members of the public are invited to attend the Parish Council meeting as observers. There will be an opportunity during the public open forum for questions & suggestions.

N Mackenzie, Clerk