Annual Meeting minutes 28 May 2013

28 May 2013 ELLINGHAM, HARBRIDGE & IBSLEY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 28 May 2013. Present: Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman) Cllr Stokes Cllr Errington Cllr Webster Cllr Spark Cllr Shand Cllr Richardson DCllr Dow Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Members of the Public (1).

1. Apologies 13/58 CCllr Heron and Cllr Lane had sent apologies to the Clerk.

2. Election of a Chairman and Vice Chairman 13/59 Election of a Chairman The Clerk advised the current Chairman is happy to stand for a further year.  She then asked for any other nominations; there were none.  Cllr Errington proposed that Cllr Burtenshaw remain as Chairman for a further year. This was seconded by Cllr Richardson and unanimously agreed.

13/60 Election of a Vice Chairman The Clerk advised the current Vice Chairman is happy to stand for a further year.  She then asked for any other nominations; there were none.  Cllr Errington proposed that Cllr Lane remain as Vice Chairman for a further year. This was seconded by Cllr Richardson and unanimously agreed.

3. Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office 13/61 Cllr Burtenshaw read out and signed the declaration of acceptance of office, which was countersigned by the Clerk.  She thanked all members for their continued support.

4. Declarations of Interest – none.

5. Appointments of Councillors to represent Ellingham Harbridge & Ibsley Parish Council (circ. current holders 10May) 13/62 The following appointments were agreed for 2013/14: Almshouse Trustee     Cllr Shand New Forest Association of Local Councils (NFALC)  Cllr Lane or Cllr Spark Blashford Lakes Consultative Forum x2    Cllr Errington & Cllr Webster CEMEX Liaison Panel  Cllr Errington  (Cllr Stokes representing other groups) Hanson Concrete Environmental Trust    Cllr Burtenshaw Ibsley Village Hall Committee     Cllr Richardson National Trust Liaison      Cllr Burtenshaw or Cllr Lane New Forest Consultative Panel     Cllr Errington NFDC Liaison meeting x2     Chairman & Vice Chairman NPA New Forest Access Liaison Forum (observers only) Cllr Errington & Cllr Shand NPA North West Parishes Liaison    Cllr Errington, Cllr Shand & Cllr Lane NPA Western Escarpment Conservation Management x2 Cllr Errington & Cllr Shand Tarmac Plumley Wood Liaison Panel  Cllr Errington (Cllr Stokes & Cllr Burtenshaw representing other groups) Police Liaison Committee     Cllr Stokes & Cllr Shand Rights of Way & Footpaths Officer and Cycle Liaison  Cllr Richardson Group Transport Officer      Cllr Stokes or Cllr Spark Tree Officer       Cllr Stokes or Cllr Spark

Agreement to the above list of representatives was proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Spark.  All in favour.

Cllr Burtenshaw took the opportunity to thank Cllr Webster for the many hours he has dedicated over the years to representing EHI on numerous Outside Bodies as a Parish Councillor, and she hopes the Parish Council will still continue to benefit from his vast knowledge of the Parish.

6. To fix dates and times of the Parish Council and Planning Committee meetings (circ. 17May) 13/63 A list had been circulated by the Clerk on 17 May.  Cllr Burtenshaw proposed a change to the list, suggesting changing 11 June as an open meeting to the public to listen to views on the proposed planning application for Linford Park Nursing Home (NPA 13/98490) and give the agent &/or applicant the chance to present.  The Planning Committee meeting for June would be held on 18 June.

This was discussed and agreed as a sensible course of action.  Cllr Spark will chair the meeting, Clerk to invite applicant to speak and answer questions, and representatives of the NPA.

The following dates of meetings were proposed by Cllr Burtenshaw, seconded by Cllr Spark, all in favour. 2013 Month  Planning Committee   Parish Council June  Tuesday 18th     Tuesday 25th   (3rd Tuesday due to open meeting)  July  Tuesday 9th    Tuesday 23rd August  Tuesday 6th    No meeting   (1st Tuesday as Clerk on Leave) September Tuesday 10th    Tuesday 24th October Tuesday 8th    Tuesday 22nd  November Tuesday 12th    Tuesday 26th December Tuesday 10th    No meeting

2014 Month  Planning Committee   Parish Council January  Tuesday 14th    Tuesday 28th  February Tuesday 11th    Tuesday 25th March  Tuesday 11th    Tuesday 25th April  Tuesday 8th     Tuesday 22rd Annual Parish Meeting May  Tuesday 13th    Tuesday 27th Annual Meeting

7. To elect official signatories to execute official documents on behalf of Ellingham Harbridge & Ibsley Parish Council 13/64 It was proposed by Cllr Stokes and seconded by Cllr Spark that the Chairman and the Vice Chairman would act as signatories.  All in favour

8. Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 26 March 2013 and the Annual Parish Meeting held on 23 April 2013. 13/65 It was resolved that the minutes of the last Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 26 March 2013 were to be signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr Webster and seconded by Cllr Shand.  All in favour. The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 23 April 2013 will be circulated as soon as possible and on the agenda for 25 June 2013 for approval. 9. Chairman’s Report on Matters Arising from 26 March (not on the agenda) 13/66 Parking on Verges. Re: Cross Lanes Green. Meetingscheduled with Natural England arranged for 5th June to discuss designated parking areas and dragon’s teeth/ditch and bank in this area. Exploring signage as a temporary measure.  Protection of Small Fleabane a priority. Chairman to report on request by Mr Mawson to construct a bridge for personal access as discussed at planning committee and subsequent correspondence with Mr Mawson.

Re: General parking by fishermen on verges particularly by Rockford and Snails Lakes. Land ownership map required for use by PC and Blashford Lakes Access Forum. Still to be actioned by Chairman/Clerk.

Community Payback. Clerk awaiting response from co-ordinator on suitable roads for litter picking.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Awaiting costings of plaque from Cllr. Stokes.

Website Retained for ongoing discussion. Ideas for improving our website are always welcome.

Moyles Court Barriers/Dragons Teeth Main work completed and grant funding received. Awaiting results of Cllr Errington’s research into sourcing materials for improving the parking surface.

Headlands 106 Monies. Cllr Errington advised there is no update on how EHI s.106 monies were spent on the Rugby Club from Martin Devine.  DCllr Dow has been tasked with investigating via Chris Elliot what s. 106 monies are available to EHI before it changes to CIL.

Proposed amendments to Standing Orders. These are still under review by Cllr Burtenshaw and will be circulated asap.   Fishing Rights on Local Lakes (Mockbeggar Lake) (12/233) Awaiting the submission of a LDC from Somerley.

Environmental Matters i)  Paths for Communities Grant Scheme. The application to NE for grant aid for a circular path has been submitted; awaiting response. Cllr Shand is to send Cllr Errington her draft on investigating the Sustainable Transport grant fund.

ii)  Schedule of Maintenance Updated schedule has been circulated and will continue to be done on a regular basis.

iii)  Dockens Water – Fallen Debris A response is awaited from Wessex Water.  Cllr Burtenshaw will also raise this at the Hanson Concrete Charitable Trust meeting.

iv)   Ditch and Culvert standard response. This is retained this item on the report as ‘ongoing’ but amendments may need to be considered in the light of further discussions on flooding etc. EHI’s eligibility for the Lengthman’s Scheme will be advised in August.

Increasing number of Councillors. This matter is ongoing, Clerk liaising with NFDC.

Reminder of date for Ragwort Pull and Litter Pick – Saturday 13th July 2013.  Clerk to liaise with National Trust to try and coordinate efforts.

Reminder please send any items for inclusion in the next newsletter to the Clerk by 30 June.

Finally, the Chairman expressed sincere thanks for the members for contributing via the ‘Chairman’s Allowance’ to improve her mobile technology.

10. Public Forum 13/67 Firstly, Jean King reported she had liaised with Kelvin Winch of RFFS at the Annual Parish Meeting and was pleased to report the Jubilee bench has now been painted.   Secondly, she requested the cutting back of the hedge from the layby on Snails Lane along to the lake.  Cllr Spark agreed to look into this and liaise with the owner of the lake and the hedge.

11. Finance 13/68 i. Payment of accounts.  The following cheques were approved for payment.  Proposed by Cllr Spark, seconded by Cllr Stokes.  All in favour. 986 Viking Stationery  366.65 987 BT Payment Services  145.93 988 Cllr Stokes-expenses  40.45 989 Cllr Shand-expenses  5.85 990 HALC-training  36 991 HALC Affiliation fee  313 992 Clerk N Mackenzie April salary & expenses  784.69 993 Ellingham Show trade stand  70.00 994 Forestry Commission-Moyles Court works  2200.00 995 Julians Press-April newsletter printing  48.75 996 Cllr Burtenshaw-Chairman’s allowance  350.00 997 LJ Mountford-internal auditor fee  150.00 998 Grant to Sailability  200.00 999 Handymand T Mason-April invoice  48.00 1000 Cllr Errington-expenses  137.25 1001 Cllr Lanes-expenses  27.90 1002 Clerk N Mackenzie May salary & expenses  652.10

13/69 ii. Financial report. Current account £6,297.07 (after these payments above) Capital reserve account £46,338.2 (inc. £28,224 Headlands 106 monies) Reserve account £1,083.10

13/70 iii. Election of two signatories on bank accounts.  It was proposed any two of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chairman of Planning Committee and Clerk continue to remain the signatories on the bank accounts.  Proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Webster.  All in favour.

13/71 iv. Acceptance of audited accounts (circ.20May13).  The clerk had circulated all documents relating to the accounts for the financial year 2012/13, which have been approved by the internal auditor.  The audit return to the Audit Commission is ready to be sent if the councillors are in agreement.  Proposed by Cllr Spark and seconded by Cllr Webster, all in favour.  The Clerk will ensure the insurance values of assets and the asset register are updated.

13/72 v. Decide on how to progress the blackout blind/projector screen to be sited in Ellingham Church Hall.  The cost of the proposed screen to be fitted in the hall is approx. £1,200 but it is not clear if this includes fitting.  Clerk to liaise with Terry Mason for full specification.

13/73 vi. Proposal to hire projector and computer for meetings.  Cllr Errington advised he felt it advisable for the Parish Council to own the laptop to hold all planning data and to drive the projector for presentation purposes.  He is happy to purchase the projector independently and hire it to the Parish Council on a per meeting basis.  It was agreed Cllr Errington will circulate a full proposal and the Clerk will investigate the possible insurance cost.

13/74 vii. Discussion of cost of issuing paper agendas.  The Clerk has commenced issuing paper summons to meetings by post, and the Government Act which binds the Clerk to issue such summons was discussed.  Cllr Burtenshaw will contact Terry Simpson, Ringwood TC to ask for guidance on whether our Standing Orders can be updated to accept electronic summons.

12. Crime in the Parish 13/75 Cllr Burtenshaw noted how PC Skinner has moved on, and we are still awaiting a new appointment.  Also Cllr Spark will forward the Crime Reference Number to the Clerk for her records for the vandalism at Mistletoe Cottage earlier this year.   13. Environmental Matters

i. Footpaths – none.

13/76 ii. Ditches, culverts & overhanging vegetation; request to ask handyman to clear road-side grips.  Cllr Richardson requested if Terry Mason can spend some time clearing the grips along the Shobley Road, which was agreed after discussion.  Clerk to liaise with Terry.

14. Community Matters 13/77 i. Ellingham Show 10 August 2013.    The Clerk updated the members on progress in Cllr Lane’s absence.  Cllr Richardson kindly volunteered to set up and close down on the day as the Clerk is on leave.  The Clerk will bring the rota to a meeting nearer the time.

13/78 ii. HARAH Update.  Cllr Richardson reported on Cllr Lane’s drive around the Parish looking for sites with Mags Wylie (HARAH) and Nick Evans (NPA).  A list of potential sites will be drawn up by HARAH and the NPA, and reports on any unsuitable.  All members were encouraged to pass on any other ideas of potential sites to Cllrs Richardson or Lane.

15. Consultation Papers (to approve responses or agree volunteers as appropriate) – none. 13/79 It was noted that all consultations, whether planning related or not, will be for consideration for the Parish Council only.

16. Outside Bodies: To approve the Councillors’ circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising: 13/80 i. Western Escarpment Conservation Area Steering Group 15Oct12 (circ.19Apr13)-Cllrs Errington & Shand; no issues. ii. New Forest Association of Local Councils 11Apr13 (circ.3May13)-unattended; no issues.

17. County/District Matters: 13/81 i. Reports from County & District Councillors.   DCllr Dow updated the members of the following:- – the doorstep glass-recycling collection should roll out in this Parish within a year, likely to be in October; – Christine Ford has been elected the new Chairman of the NFDC; – A consultation is open relating to curtailing the Sunday to Thursday evening services on the X3 bus route; – a new clerk has been appointed for Hyde Parish Council, Martine Coatham.

18. Correspondence 13/82 The Clerk advised she is on annual leave Thursday 30th and Friday 31st May.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7.30pm:-

Parish Council      Planning Committee Tuesday 25 June 2013    Tuesday 18 June 2013 Tuesday 23 July 2013    Tuesday 9 July 2013