Parish Council minutes 25 June 2013

25 June 2013 ELLINGHAM, HARBRIDGE & IBSLEY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 25 June 2013. Present: Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman) Cllr Lane Cllr Errington Cllr Webster Cllr Spark Cllr Richardson Cllr Shand CCllr Heron DCllr Dow Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Members of the Public (3).

1. Apologies 13/83 Apologies were received by the clerk from Cllr Stokes.

2. Disclosures of Interest – none.

3. Minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on Tuesday 23 April 2013 and the Annual Meeting held on 28 May 2013. 13/84 It was resolved the minutes of the two meetings noted above were to be signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr Spark and seconded by Cllr Webster.  All in favour (7). 4. Chairman’s Report on Matters Arising from 28 May 2013 13/85 Parking on Verges. Chairman has forwarded email correspondence with Mr Mawson re the construction of a bridge for personal access as discussed at planning committee. No further action at present. Land ownership map required for use by PC and Blashford Lakes Access Forum. Still to be actioned by Chairman/Clerk.

Community Payback. Clerk has a site meeting with the co-ordinator on 17 July, to discuss suitable roads for litter picking or footpaths for bramble cutting.  Please send suggestions to the Clerk.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Cllr. Stokes has discussed with me the quotes for plaques. They are about £100 for one and £75 for other. Subject to your agreement, I propose we go with the cheaper option which is from a local trader in Ringwood. However, matter put on hold as tree appears not to be in good health so awaiting improvement or replacement before finalising scheme.

Website Clerk liaising with Richard Loader about a Links Page. Please continue to offer suggestions for inclusion.

Moyles Court Barriers/Dragons Teeth Main work completed. A quote was obtained from National Trust for resurfacing the parking areas. At over £500, it was felt to be too expensive and Malcolm Lambert was instructed and has completed the work. An invoice is awaited which should be more in the region of £250 and Hanson Trust have agreed to include this in the final grant payment, yet to be submitted to them.

Headlands 106 Monies. Thank you Cllr Dow for investigating this matter as agreed at the last meeting. Bill received an email from NFDC as follows:-   “In total the Council received the following Section 106 contributions: •         £75,000 Planning Application 53097 (S106 dated 17th September 1996 re Ebberspacher (UK)Ltd). •         £5,000 Planning Application 67350 (S106 dated 11th April 2002) However, I can confirm that all of these funds were spent in 2008/09. £31,800 was transferred directly to the Parish for use of Public Access (I do not know whether any of this is still held by the Parish). The £5,000 contribution was used for bridge work on path 719 and the remainder of the contributions were used as a contribution towards the capital project at Ellingham and Ringwood Rugby Club. Therefore, currently the District Council does not currently hold any S106 monies for use within the Ellingham, Harbridge and Ibsley Parish.”

I have a few suggestions of how the money held by the Parish Council can be spent on public access within the Parish, which I hope we can progress in this financial year.

Proposed amendments to Standing Orders. These are still under review by myself and will be circulated asap.

Fishing Rights on Local Lakes (Mockbeggar Lake) (12/233) Awaiting the submission of a LDC from Somerley.

Environmental Matters i) Possible grants for a footpath/cycleway link-up. There seem to be a number of options being considered for the same project.  Paths for Communities Grant Scheme. An ‘expression of wish’ has been submitted to NE but no response yet. Sustainable Transport Grant Fund. Thank you Cllr Shand for the draft submission which has been circulated. Any comments? Otherwise I propose this is sent. Hanson Charitable Trust. Again a possible source of funding for this type of project. Small Grants Scheme Countryside Access. We will have missed the closing date of 28th June but maybe submit something in time for the next Scheme at the end of September.

The problem here is that we have no specification or financial data to submit for consideration. Most of these grant providers would I am sure consider positively the principle of funding this type of project. But we need to progress it in detail. Cllr Richardson suggested approaching other companies than HCC for quotes on carrying out a feasibility study, which he will do.

ii)  Schedule of Maintenance Updated schedule has been circulated and will continue to be done on a regular basis. Any comments please? Please note Clerk’s request for confirmation if we note a work has been completed – satisfactorily!

iv)  Dockens Water – Fallen Debris NFA as following the response from Jess Pain on behalf of  Wessex Water (circulated 3rd June) they do not consider there to be a problem. v)   Ditch and Culvert standard response. The matter is ‘ongoing’ by Cllrs Errington and Burtenshaw. Lengthman’s Scheme – to be reviewed by HCC in August so deferred to September meeting.  CCllr Heron suggested the Clerk send an email to Sean Woodwood expressing EHI’s interest in the scheme.  Clerk to do.

Increasing number of Councillors. To be re-evaluated by Chairman and Clerk.

Reminder of date for Ragwort Pull and Litter Pick – Saturday 13th July 2013 – 10.00am Cross Lanes

Reminder next newsletter items – please let Clerk have all potential articles by 5th Jul.  Cllr Errington proposed the inclusion of an insert purely on the current broadband project.  CCllr Heron advised a grant may be available to help with the cost.  Clerk to submit grant request.

Cost of issuing paper agendas (13/74) Further guidance has been received from Terry Simpson (email 13th June) It would seem that NALC’s advice is contrary to that of Ringwood Town Clerk.  CCllr Heron suggested the Clerk take advice from the monitoring officer, Grainne O’Rouke.  Clerk to do.   5. Public Forum – none.

6. Finance 13/86 i. Payment of accounts.  The following cheques were approved for payment.  Proposed by Cllr Lane, seconded by Cllr Spark.  All in favour (7). 1003 Viking Payments-stationery  107.31 1004 Cllr Shand-travel expenses  6.75 1005 Terry Mason-May invoice & roof felt  80.30 1006 N Mackenzie-June salary & expenses  609.39     13/87 ii. Financial report. Current £5,893.32 (after above payments) Business Reserve 1 £45,788.02 (Inc. Headlands 106 monies £28,224) Business Reserve 2 £1,083.10

13/88 iii. Agreement on Annual Insurance proposal. Cllr Burtenshaw advised a very satisfactory quote has been obtained by the Clerk for the insurance premium for the next year at £386.05.  The asset register is in the process of being updated.  Acceptance of the quote by Zurich Insurance was proposed by Cllr Richardson, seconded by Cllr Webster, all in favour.

13/89 iv. Decide on how to progress the blackout blind/projector screen to be sited in Ellingham Church Hall v. Proposal to hire projector and computer for meetings.  Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to discuss these two items together.  She had attended a meeting of the Hanson Concrete Charitable Trust last week, and explored the possibility of obtaining a grant for the blackout blind/projector screen, a fixed projector and surround sound system to be installed at Ellingham Church Hall, and all associated building and electrical work.  The Parish Council would be responsible for buying a new laptop.  Cllr Errington will investigate the costs of the equipment, Cllr Burtenshaw will approach the Church formally about permanent installation.  Cllr Spark to obtain quotes for the laptop.

7. Crime in the Parish – none.

8. Environmental Matters: 13/90 i. Footpaths.  There was nothing on the agenda, however Cllr Burtenshaw drew attention to the circulation by the Clerk from the National Trust detailing the maintenance of the tracks at Rockford Common.

13/91 ii. Ditches, culverts & overhanging vegetation: visibility on A338 at Ibsley & Kent Lane junctions.  Cllr Richardson raised concerns in relation to the visibility when exiting Kent Lane onto the A338 at Ibsley, particularly when the vehicles are slow moving such as agricultural and horseboxes/trailers.  It was agreed the Clerk should approach Bob Brown and ask for the hedges to be cut back to the telegraph pole.

13/92 iii. Flooding issues on bend at Forelock Farm, Mockbeggar.  The long outstanding issue of flooding was briefly discussed on the bend at Forelock Farm, and what repairs have been instructed by HCC.  Cllr Burtenshaw will arrange to meet with Bob to discuss what can be done to resolve this problem for the long term.

13/93 iv. Commoners Defence Association complaint re: fitness clubs on Rockford Common.  Local Commoner Richard Deacon was in attendance and read out the letter which has been sent to the National Trust (NT) complaining about the effects of the boot camp activities on the depastured ponies and livestock on Rockford and Ibsley Commons.  Brief summary of issues: ponies fleeing feeding areas as a consequence of hearing boot camp instructor’s shouted instructions, ponies bolting when hearing shouting from up to 1km away, animals straying from their normal haunts and routines.

Mr Deacon advised he was dismayed at the Parish Council newsletter showing support for the issuance of the Forest Fit license, as the Commoners Defence Association (CDA) had not been consulted by the NT before the license was issued.  The Chairman advised that the Parish Council was not given time to respond either. Also Mr Deacon was astounded that Natural England (NE) did not have any concerns to the operation of the fitness club.

Concerns were discussed at length of ponies bolting such as disturbance to ground nesting birds, potential danger to public.  The representative of the New Forest Equestrian Association advised that members are saying the commons are becoming a no-go area when the fitness club is operation, as the ponies are petrified.

It was acknowledged that there is the possibility of a second unauthorised group operating outside of the authorised area, which could be causing confusion.  It was agreed that as the license expires in August, and the Parish Council will approach the National Trust to find out if the licence is to be renewed and on what terms and conditions.  Clerk to diarise.

13/94 v. Widening of single track forest road, Linwood by HCC.  Richard Deacon read out his recent presentment to the Verderers Court in relation to the widening of the single track forest road in Linwood, which has resulted in an extra 1m of hardened running surface on both sides of the road for a 2km stretch.

He advised the Verderers Court ruled that this encroachment on this forest road is unacceptable, and it will work with HCC, NE and the FC on this issue.  CCllr Heron spoke and advised that a compromise could be reached, and suggested a meeting with himself, his Highway Design Engineer and a representative of the Parish Council (Cllr Burtenshaw volunteered).

Mr Deacon also expressed his wish for a yellow sign ‘animals in road’ at Moyles Court near the big oak to help prevent animals being hit; the matter will be raised with HCC Highways at the above mentioned meeting.  Cllr Burtenshaw to raise at the meeting.

13/95 vi. Decide on erection of ‘no parking’ signs at gate Moyles Court ford & on grass at Cross Lanes Green.  Cllr Burtenshaw advised the landowner Mr Smith did not want a sign at his gate at Moyles Court ford, so no further action will be taken.  Regarding Cross Lanes Green, the issue of parking across the green of cars and horseboxes was discussed and agreed that a temporary sign must be erected prior to a more permanent solution being agreed and implemented.  Cllr Burtenshaw had approached the Hanson Trust on whether they would grant funds for work to protect the green, and the response was encouraging.  Concerns were raised by a resident of the persistent parking from a particular household.  Cllr Burtenshaw assured the resident that the Parish Council will do all they can to protect the green.  Cllr Burtenshaw to organise erection of a sign.

9. Community Matters: 13/96 i. Ellingham Show 10 August 2013.  Cllr Spark volunteered to provide the champagne for the photo competition.  Cllr Lane proposed the Parish Council purchase a second banner for roadside advertising our presence at the show at a cost of £90 + VAT.  Seconded by Cllr Richardson, all in favour (7).

13/97 ii. HARAH affordable housing – update.  A scenic bus tour is being attended by Cllrs Burtenshaw and Richardson on 5 July, touring existing local affordable housing sites within Hampshire.  They will report in due course.

10. Consultation Papers (to approve responses or agree attendees as appropriate): 13/98 i. Proposed changes to the evening journeys on X3 (Salisbury-Ringwood-Bournemouth); response by 26Jun13.  Cllr Lane advised that Fordingbridge are responding on this one, and she had nothing further to add. ii. NFDC consultation on 1APP Local Planning Application requirements; response by 4Jul13.  Cllr Spark had circulated his proposed response via the Clerk, and it was agreed Cllr Errington will add some extra comments and respond. iii. NPA consultation on 1APP Local Planning Application requirements; response by 16Jul’13.  Cllr Spark had circulated his proposed response via the Clerk, and it was agreed Cllr Errington will add some extra comments and respond.

11. Outside Bodies: 13/99 To approve the Councillor’s circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising: i. NFALC minutes 17Jan13 (circ.1Mar13) – Cllrs Errington & Lane No issues raised on this report.

12. County/District Matters: i. Reports from County & District Councillors. CCllr Heron and DCllr Dow advised nothing further to report.

13. Correspondence 13/100 Cllr Burtenshaw volunteered to attend the boat naming ceremony at Sailability.

13/101 The Clerk reminded she is on annual leave from 1-7 July.

The meeting closed at 9.24pm.

Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7.30pm:-

Parish Council     Planning Committee Tuesday 23 July 2013   Tuesday 6 August 2013 No meeting on August   Tuesday 10 September 2013