Parish Council minutes 22 October 2013

22 October 2013 ELLINGHAM, HARBRIDGE & IBSLEY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 22 October 2013. Present: Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman) Cllr Lane Cllr Errington Cllr Webster Cllr Stokes Cllr Richardson Cllr Shand CCllr Heron DCllr Dow Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Members of the Public (10).

1. Apologies 13/154 Apologies were received by the Clerk from Cllr Spark.

2. Disclosures of Interest – none.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 24 September 2013. 13/155 It was resolved the minutes of the meeting on 24 September 2013 were to be signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr Stokes and seconded by Cllr Richardson.  All in favour (7). 4. Chairman’s Report on Matters Arising from 28 May 2013 13/156 -Parking on Verges. (13/95) Temporary signs have been erected but need tidying up. Permanent signs will be placed in due course.  Natural England proposes monitoring the question of potential damage to verges before embarking on any costly scheme of protection.

-Land ownership map Ongoing project.

-Website All were still encouraged to send information to the Clerk for inclusion, next issue due out in December.

-Ditches, Culverts etc. The potholes at Moyles Court ford and North End Farm have been reported to Bob Brown, and they are scheduled in with their contractor for repair.

-Community Payback. (13/114) The Community Payback team will be carrying out ditch maintenance from Ibsley Service Station to Cross Lanes on 15, 16 & 17 November, clearing out the residents’ culverts with an appropriate letter to be sent by Clerk to residents beforehand, notifying them that this is not absolving them of their ongoing responsibility.  Clerk to arrange a small skip.

5. Public Forum – none.

13. County Councillor’s report.  This item was brought forward by the Chairman. 13/156 CCllr Heron reported that cuts to Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) budget over the last 3-4 years have totalled £120m per annum, and a further £80m a year cuts are being made to make the overall cuts £200m per annum.  These cuts obviously cannot be made to the areas which safeguard groups of individuals, such as Adult Social Care and Child Protection (HCC performs well in safeguarding vulnerable people in both these areas).  Therefore, areas within the Parish of Ellingham Harbridge and Ibsley which will be affected are likely to be Highways and footpaths, and CCllr Heron hopes we understand why this is happening.

Other questions to CCllr Heron were:- – concerns of lack of boxes for doorstep glass collection – Cllr Lane volunteered to coordinate issues; – how section 106 monies held by the Parish Council to spend in the Blashford Lakes area have not been spent due to inability to get the Rights of Way (ROW) to carry out the work, or obtain their agreement to allow for outside contractors to carry out the work.  CCllr Heron stated he would happily facilitate a meeting to help to progress this wish with the ROW office.  Clerk to progress. – The need for a footpath alongside the A338.  Cllr Burtenshaw advised there would eventually be a permissive footpath on the west side of this road.

CCllr Heron left the meeting at 7.50pm.

10. Community Matters.  This item was also brought forward by the Chairman. 13/157 i. Hampshire Village Agent Coordinator Alan Edmunds – overview of scheme & volunteer vacancy, details of tasks involved.

Alan gave an interesting presentation detailing how the Village Agent scheme is operated by Age Concern Hampshire, starting as a pilot scheme in May 2011.  It is an older people’s wellbeing strategy, as in rural areas it was detected how older people were missing out on receiving information in a timely fashion which could prevent them going into care.  Often, due to lack of internet &/or internet skills, the elderly are unable to access the information and assistance they may need.  The objective is for a Village Agent volunteer to ‘signpost’ those in need to the relevant organisation.  There are 40 rural Village Agents recruited in Hampshire, however in the west side of the New Forest has been a challenge to recruit volunteers.  The role is 4-6 hours per week with expenses, suitable training and strong support from Age Concern and HCC.  Cllr Stokes put himself forward to be a Village Agent for Ellingham Harbridge & Ibsley.  Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Alan for his insightful talk and praised Cllr Stokes for volunteering.

13/158 ii. Forest Fit Club.  Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Oliver Hare and Joe Day from Forest Fit for coming along this evening to give an overview on their activities and answer any questions from the members or the public.  She also thanked Michelle Baxter of the National Trust for attending.

Cllr Burtenshaw summarised that complaints received by the Parish Council generally were revolving around excessive noise and the Club operating outside the sanctioned area of activity, and invited Oliver and Joe to speak.

There was lengthy discussion on a specific area where the club have been reported as operating and whether it is within the permitted operational area for the club (on the tracks going north to the Linwood Road).  Michelle Baxter (NT) confirmed it was, and how she had met on site and agreed with the Forest Fit Club owners that these specific tracks should only be used when there is good visibility and the tracks are passable.

A member of the public questioned whether this area is the right place for such a commercial activity, due to the delicate flora and fauna.  Joe Day acknowledged this comment and advised that whilst they have been operating in the area for three years, complaints have only been forthcoming in the last year.  He detailed the lengths himself and Oliver have gone to in attempting to address issues raised by horse riders, dog owners and other users of the Commons; such as acting as lookouts and requesting their clients stop exercising and moving away from gravel paths in order to prevent surprising any passing horses or dogs, lowering voices, and as part of the licence, reducing the number of clients by 40%.  Prior to the issuance of their license, the Club would operate in different parts of the commons in order to give their clients a varied workout, which meant that recreational users were not bumping into one another day after day.  Also as part of the licence restrictions the Club have had to curtail their fundraising efforts for local causes.

Some specific issues had been raised by a resident to one of the Councillors, which were discussed and again, Joe advised of the steps that the Club has taken to be able to use the Commons harmoniously with other users.  He went on to say how they are endeavouring to exercise their clients in the most natural way possible on the Commons, without the use of any equipment, whistles, remaining on the gravel tracks, lowered voices, as any other user would.

Michelle (NT) stated the decision was made to issue set times of the Club’s operation, so that should they wish, any regular users would be prepared to encounter the Club or had the choice to avoid being there at the same time.

The difficulties of parking within the Parish were discussed, and the pressures put on the Rockford Commons in particular as the Moyles Court sandpit is the only main parking area to enable access to the Commons.

Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Oliver and Joe for attending, and also Michelle Baxter’s (NT) contribution.

6. Finance 13/159 i. Payment of accounts.  The following cheques were approved for payment.  Proposed by Cllr Lane, seconded by Cllr Burtenshaw.  6 in favour, 1 abstention (as Cllr not in room). 1025 Terry Mason, Handyman – Aug & Sep invoices  96.00 1026 Viking-stationery  83.58 1027 J Stokes-stationery  57.97 1028 Friends of Ellingham-church hall hire  260.00 1029 NFDC-GIS Partnership  50.00 1030 BT Payment Services Ltd  128.89 1031 Clerk N Mackenzie, new laptop  529.99 1032 Clerk N Mackenzie, Oct salary & expenses  606.56

13/160 ii. Financial report & half year budget report (circ.16Oct) Current £9,565.71 (after above payments) Business Reserve 1 £45,799.73 Business Reserve 2 £1,083.32


COMMENT Budget for the year    = £20,282 Total income is estimated at  = £20,209 Balance to be found from reserves  = £73

FINANCES AS AT END OF SEPTEMBER 2013 Budget for year 2013/14  =£20,282 Total income to end Sep’13  = £10,621 Total spend to end Sep’13  = £11,120.00* (£7,266.00 + £1,248.03 + £2,606.92)

*This total includes (a) unpaid cheques from the previous year of £1,248.03 which cannot be included in the budget and (b) expenses totalling £2,606.92 paid by the Parish Council directly to the companies involved in the Moyles Court ford restoration project, which has not yet been refunded by the Hanson Trust.

Remaining funds   = -£499.00

FORECAST Estimated Income Oct’13 to Mar’14 = £12,194 (precept + grant from Hanson Trust) Estimated spend Oct’13 to Mar’14 = £9,487 Predicted balance at end Mar’13  = £2,208

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The cost of the newsletter has reduced as we have decided to prepare it tri-annually, making a cost saving of £156.  The annual insurance was cheaper, saving £163.

Cllr Burtenshaw commented there are funds still to be spent on essential works in the Parish, such as ditching work and maintenance.

13/161 iii. Decide Grants for 2013/14 (circ.16Oct) The members reviewed the document circulated by the Clerk and discussed the allocation.  It was agreed that in future allocations, the applicant must submit an application for funding.  Clerk to state this on the letter accompanying the grant payments.  Grants were awarded as follows:-

Victim Support    £50 New Forest CAB    £100 Church of the Holy Ascension-Hyde with Ibsley £200 Cross Lanes Chapel    £200 St Mary and All Saints Church, Ellingham £200 All Saints Church, Harbridge   £200 New Forest Disability Service   £100 Ringwood & Fordingbridge Footpath Society £150 Sailability    £150 Forest Forge Theatre Company   £200

Proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Shand.  All in favour (7).

7. Parish Council Matters: 13/162 i. Ellingham Church Hall fixed equipment for meetings.  Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Cllrs Errington and Spark for the detailed quotes they had obtained for the laptop and the projector screen to be installed in Ellingham Church Hall.  The projector screen size was discussed and agreed to purchase the smaller screen as it would be adequate for the Parish Council’s needs.   The specification of the laptop proposed for planning documents and to drive the projector for meetings was agreed at a maximum cost of £700 to ensure it has the correct specification and hardware.  The new projector hire will be discussed at a later date.

The costs proposed are:- – £700 to purchase a laptop with the necessary applications and memory to maintain all planning documents and drive the projector at meetings; – £140 for the projector screen, with a further cost from the handyman for installation (approx. £50).

Acceptance of the above proposed purchases was proposed by Cllr Richardson, seconded by Cllr Errington.  All in favour (7).

8. Crime in the Parish 13/163 It was reported there has been interference with paddock rails in Harbridge, which has been reported.

9. Environmental Matters: i. Footpaths – none.

ii. Ditches, culverts & overhanging vegetation: 13/164 -request for works in & around stream at Highwood ford.  Cllr Burtenshaw had made a site visit and photos taken by Cllr Webster were shown to all.  The fords regularly flood in heavy rain and the Parish Council want to take steps to help alleviate this.  There are many trees overhanging the stream to the east of the fords, and a large amount of debris in the stream.  Bob Brown (HCC Highways) is going to remove the substantial build up of gravel at the culverts of the ford.

It was agreed by all the work needs to be carried out to clear the debris and any dangerous trees before the winter and adverse weather.  The works detailed previously were proposed by Cllr Burtenshaw, seconded by Cllr Lane.  All in favour (7).  The Clerk will investigate who the land owner is to the south of the stream along Highwood Lane and write to them advising of our course of action and requesting they address their overhanging trees.

13/165 -proposed ditch improvements on Mockbeggar Lane East instruct ditching work.  Cllr Burtenshaw showed photos of the flooding last winter and advised her opinion following her recent site visit is that ditch is so shallow and the water runs down the road to Cross Lanes.  She has explored the potential use of sandbags to define the ditch channel, however it was thought a permanent measure should be sought.  Cllr Burtenshaw proposed to instruct two days work with a digger to dig the ditch to help alleviate the flooding problems encountered when there is heavy rainfall.  Seconded by Cllr Lane, all in favour (7).  Clerk to write to residents.   13/166 -Toms Lane flooding issues report.  Cllr Burtenshaw showed photos of the area which floods regularly where there is a dip in the road outside Toms Farm.  The members extensively discussed this problem and agreed that ditching on both sides of the road would help alleviate the flooding, alongside continued support from Bob Brown at HCC Highways to flush through the culvert.  Cllr Burtenshaw & Clerk to prepare letters to residents re: ditching.

10. Community Matters: both items brought forward and discussed after agenda item 13. County Councillor’s report.

11. Consultation Papers (to approve responses or agree attendees as appropriate): 13/167 i. NFDC local Plan Part 2-Public Consultation on Modifications; response by 15Nov’13 (circ.7Oct).  It was agreed that no response be made on this consultation. 13/168 ii. NPA Draft Statement of Community Involvement; response by 22Nov’13 (circ.7Oct).  It was agreed that no response be made on this consultation.

12. Outside Bodies: 13/169 To approve the Councillor’s circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising: i. New Forest Association of Local Councils (NFALC) 12Sep’13 (circ.23Sep)-Cllr Spark No issues were raised.

13. County/District Matters: 13/170 i. Reports from District Councillor. DCllr Dow expressed disappointment that some members had not received their black glass recycling boxes; Cllr Lane will investigate on behalf of any members without boxes, please forward her your address.

14. Correspondence: 13/171 Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Cllr Webster for bringing to everyone’s attention the award to Tarmac for Ibsley Quarry restoration.

13/172 The Clerk advised she is on annual leave on Monday 28 October 2013.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7.30pm:-

Parish Council     Planning Committee Tuesday 26 November 2013  Tuesday 12 November 2013 No meeting in December  Tuesday 10 December 2013