Security advice – Protect your home

Security advice – Protect your home

Burglary is often an opportunist crime – more than 80% are committed by thieves taking advantage of opportunities such as unlocked doors, vulnerable windows, and spare keys left in obvious places such as under a plant pot or door mat.

A home that looks unoccupied and insecure is an easy target.

The simple message is: LOCK IT UP or risk losing it.

New Forest police are on patrol, but they urge you to take a few simple security measures in the home:

  •  Hide expensive equipment, such as mobile phones and laptops, from view through windows. If possible, lock away precious jewellery and cash in a safe.
  • Install an alarm system. Even a dummy alarm box may deter the burglar.
  • Ensure all windows are fitted with key-operated window locks, and external doors have locks conforming to British Standard 3621:2007 + A2:2012.
  • Check that all windows and doors are locked before going to bed or leaving home.
  • Never leave keys in window or door locks.
  • Set a timer to switch your lights on and off at intervals when you’re out to make it look like someone is at home
  • Padlock side gates leading to the back of your house. Alarmed Padlocks are for sale at New Forest District Council Information Offices at £10 each.
  • Take photos of your valuables and security mark them with your post code and house number. This can help deter thieves and can help the police to recover stolen items. You can also register your property for free on
  • Lock away ladders and other garden tools in a shed or garage.
  • Enlist the help of a neighbour, friend or relative to keep a regular eye on your property and keep the front door clear of deliveries.

Householders should also be on their guard if they receive visits from door-to-door traders selling goods or services, such as driveway repairs or phone contracts.

Residents are reminded to ask for ID from sellers at the door and not to let them inside their home. Door-to-door sellers need a Pedlar’s Certificate issued by the police force for the area in which they live.

If they are persistent or won’t depart when asked, residents are advised to call the police by dialling 999 if it is an emergency, or call 101 for non-urgent incidents.

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