Parish Council minutes 26 November 2013

26 November 2013 ELLINGHAM, HARBRIDGE & IBSLEY PARISH COUNCIL Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held in Ellingham Church Hall on Tuesday 26 November 2013. Present: Cllr Burtenshaw (Chairman) Cllr Errington Cllr Spark Cllr Webster Cllr Stokes Cllr Richardson Cllr Shand DCllr Dow Cllr John Sanger (Chair of NW Quadrant Parishes Liaison) Natasha Mackenzie (Clerk)

Members of the Public (2).

1. Apologies 13/173 Apologies were received by the Clerk from Cllr Lane and CCllr Heron.

2. Disclosures of Interest – none.

3. Minutes of the meeting held on 24 September 2013. 13/174 It was resolved the minutes of the meeting on 22 October 2013 were to be signed as a true and accurate record.  Proposed by Cllr Spark and seconded by Cllr Webster.  All in favour (7). 4. Chairman’s Report on Matters Arising from 22 October 2013 13/175 Parking on Verges. (13/95) The Clerk is discussing with a NPA Ranger about a more permanent sign at Cross Lanes. A meeting has been planned with Natural England to discuss damage to verges and parking issues at Cross Lanes.

Land ownership map The Clerk and Chairman are progressing this – Clerk contacting Sembcorp, HWT, National Trust and Tom Hordle. Chairman contacting Somerley, Tarmac, Wessex Water and Fishing Clubs. The aim is to obtain details from major landowners first before filling in other areas of ownership.  Clerk will also contact Moyles Court School.  Clerk to do.

Crime – Vandalism of Red Shoot Notice Board (13/111) Steve Adams has repaired door to notice board.

Community Payback. (13/114) Proposed work postponed until April due to weather conditions.

County Councillor’s report on 106 monies Before arranging a meeting with CCllr Heron, we need to decide priorities for expenditure – the repairs to the bridge on footpath 703 or contribution to the cycle route?  It was discussed and agreed the priority is the bridge on FP703.  Clerk to arrange meeting with CCllr Heron, Sam Jones, Cllr Errington to progress this project.

Village Agent Cllr Stokes is progressing his appointment as Village Agent and undertaken an interview. References are being submitted by the Chairman.  Cllr Sanger extended an invitation for Cllr Stokes to attend an NW quadrant meeting when he is fully appointed.

Forest Fit Club The Clerk is dealing with subsequent correspondence from a resident who was concerned that the appropriate map had not been displayed at the last meeting.

Ellingham Church Hall Fixed Equipment The equipment has been ordered by Cllr Errington and he is awaiting delivery.

Ditches and Culverts Highwood Ford – Clerk written to adjoining owner and M. Lambert instructed to carry out tree clearance. Mockbeggar Lane East – Adjoining owner advised and ML again instructed to do ditch works when weather conditions permit. Toms Lane – Bob Brown has matter in hand and a scheme of improvement is being prepared by County Engineer.

5. Public Forum – none.

6. Finance 13/176 i. Payment of accounts.  The following cheques were approved for payment.  Proposed by Cllr Stokes, seconded by Cllr Spark.  7 in favour. 1033 Grant-Victim Support  50.00 1034 Grant-New Forest Citizens Advice Bureau  100.00 1035 Grant-PCC Hyde (Hyde with Ibsley Church)  200.00 1036 Grant-Cross Lanes Chapel Property Trust  200.00 1037 Grant-All Saints Church, Harbridge  200.00 1038 Grant-St Mary and All Saints Church, Ellingham  200.00 1039 Grant-RFFS  150.00 1040 Grant-Sailability  150.00 1041 Grant-Forest Forge Theatre Company  200.00 1042 Grant-New Forest DIS  100.00 1043 HALC-training  72.00 1044 Cllr Lane-travel expenses  69.50 1045 SLCC-annual subscription  116.00 1046 Viking Payments-stationery & newsletter  293.74 1047 Clerk Annual Home Office Use fee  104.00 1048 Clerk N Mackenzie, Nov salary & expenses  604.17 1049 Terry Mason, Handyman – October Invoice  48.00 1050 Cllr Richardson-travel expenses  20.70 1051 HALC-training  36.00 1052 Cllr Shand-travel expenses  7.65 1053 Cllr J Stokes-stationery REISSUE OF 1027 AS CHQ LOST IN POST  57.97 1054 Cllr Burtenshaw-travel expenses & stationery  168.10     13/177 ii. Financial report Current £9,164.16 (after above payments) Business Reserve 1 £45,799.73 Business Reserve 2 £1,083.32

13/178 iii. Consider Dodington Trust grant request from J Hordle Cllr Burtenshaw advised that since the application, Joanna Hordle had been informed her university will fund the conference she wishes to attend.  Therefore she has withdrawn her grant request.

7. Parish Council Matters: 13/179 Cllr Burtenshaw advised there has been an update to the Standing Orders by NALC, and she will be reviewing them with Cllr Lane and reporting back to the Parish Council in due course.

8. Crime in the Parish – none reported

9. Environmental Matters: i. Footpaths – none.

ii. Ditches, culverts & overhanging vegetation: Newtown Lane access issues. 13/180 Cllr Richardson advised he had been approached by residents about the state of Newtown Lane, which is thick with mud, some of which had manifested following recent farm sale traffic.  The verge is basically soft mud, and it is impossible for pedestrians to walk on.  The road is used by residents’ children to walk down to Highwood Lane for the school bus, which is proving very difficult indeed in its’ current state.  This, and ownership of the road, verges and track, was discussed at length and all agreed that the Clerk should approach Bob Brown of HCC Highways for action to clean up the road and make the verge accessible.  Clerk to do.  The owner of Honey Farm has taken action to help clean up the road, and he is to be commended for displaying such community spirit.

13/181 The high frequency of vehicles using the gravel track at the top of Newtown Lane to access the commons to exercise their dogs was discussed, and such activities were deemed an inappropriate use of such a narrow, rural track; it is not a parking area but highlights the inadequacy of parking facilities for general access to the Commons within the Parish.  It is believed the track is owned by the National Trust, and Cllrs Burtenshaw and Errington will raise this at the next National Trust meeting in December, and report back t the Parish Council in due course.

iii.  Blashford Lakes Management Plan. 13/182 Cllr Webster had distributed a report to all members and the Clerk requesting that the Chairman of the Blashford Lakes Consultative Forum (NFDC) be asked to review and assess the ongoing management proposals for Unit 11, Mockbeggar Lakes in the context of the current Blashford Lakes Stategic Management Plan. It was discussed and agreed that an appropriate submission should be sent in the first place to Martin Devine.  Clerk to do. 10. Community Matters: i. Sportive cycling events in the Parish-discuss concerns. 13/183 The Parish Council had been copied in on their open letter sent by Brockenhurst Parish Council of the damaging and disruptive effect of the many large scale cycling sportives held within the New Forest.  The letter was sent to NPA, HCC as Highways Authority, the Verderers, the Forestry Commission, Hampshire Constabulary, NFDC and Members of Parliament calling for short term action to reduce the disruption during the sportives and long term action to define sportives as races, limit the number of participants and frequency of events, and to consider using the New Forest Acts to deal with a unique environment and history of the New Forest.

John Sanger, Chairman of the North West Parishes Liaison, briefed the members of the recent discussions advising that sportives are not classed as races, and as such cannot be policed as races.  The National Park Authority is planning to pull together a group of 20 or so individuals/groups (including the organisers of the sportives) and put forward a Code of Conduct and ask for all organisers and participants to sign up to the charter.  The members of the Parish Council are in support of the NPA pushing forward with this; Clerk to send a letter of support.

CCllr Dow advised that events are not starting or finishing at New Park any more.

11. Consultation Papers (to approve responses or agree attendees as appropriate): 13/184 i. Groundwater Management Plan for Hampshire; response by 23Dec’13 (circ.13Nov).  It was agreed that no response be made on this consultation.

12. Outside Bodies: 13/185 To approve the Councillor’s circulated reports of meetings attended and to deal with any issues arising: i. HALC AGM minutes 19Oct’13 (circ.6Nov)-unattended. ii. Police Liaison meeting 12Nov’13 (circ.18Nov)-Cllr Shand’s report.  Cllr Burtenshaw thanked Cllr Shand for her speedy report on the meeting.  No issues were raised.

13. County/District Matters: i. Reports from District Councillor. DCllr Dow had nothing to report. 13/186 A member enquired if the Clerk can put a question to CCllr Heron asking if HCC has recently bought Broadlands Farm, and if so, the justification in times of severe cuts to services.  Clerk to do.

14. Correspondence: 13/187 Cllr Burtenshaw read out response from Chris Elliot, NFDC, on the topic of Mockbeggar Lakes fishing rights (raised in the recent Planning Committee meetings) advising advising that at the present time, Somerley Estate are not proposing to submit a LDC application.  Clerk to circulate email to all.  It was extensively discussed on what response or action should be taken, and Clerk to add to the Planning Committee agenda on 10 December 2013.

13/188 An invitation to a Parish Engagement Event on Economy, Transport & Environment held on 16th January 2014 in Winchester on 3 key issues flooding, infrastructure (inc. Broadband) & Hampshire Highway Service has been received.  Cllr Lane will be asked to attend.

13/189 Cllr Burtenshaw commended Cllr Richardson on his recent attendance at the NPA Planning Committee meeting, where he spoke knowledgeably on the application and the impact on the National Park.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

Dates of forthcoming meetings to be held at Ellingham Church Hall at 7.30pm:-

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