Ragwort pull – resounding success

The Parish Ragwort ‘Pull’ on Sat 5th July was a triumph of parish co-operation.


What a wonderful turnout – approximately 30 people ‘pulled’ and
‘picked’ for about 2 hours on Saturday morning, leaving us with verges unsullied by the glowing gold of Ragwort! It proved that many hands do make light work. Newlands Farm turned out in force, with Nick Smith, 10 volunteers and a flat bed truck. Michelle, Lee and Laura from the National Trust provided well needed resources, such as ragwort forks, black bags and refreshments.P1040434

The objective of the ‘pull’ is to reduce the amount of wind-born Ragwort seed that gets launched onto the breeze in late July. Fewer seeds should mean less Ragwort seedlings popping up next year to cause problems on agricultural land where stock graze.

Ragwort is not all bad, those plants that had resident Cinnabar moth P1040426caterpillars were left to be devoured by the many hungry mouths. Of course not all Ragwort were eliminated so those creatures that like Ragwort were left with a food resource. Getting rid of all Ragwort would be a counsel of perfection that is unlikely to ever be achieved.

A big thank you to all concerned, let’s do it all again next year!

Caterpillars of the Cinnabar moth feeding on Ragwort