Police alert over indecent exposure incidents in forest

New Forest residents and visitors are urged to contact police if they witness any indecent behaviour after a recent incident in which a naked man exposed himself in front of a female walker.

This follows similar cases across the forest reported by walkers and runners. Police are stepping up patrols and asking the public to remain vigilant.

New Forest Chief Inspector Simon Tribe said: “These incidents of indecent exposure have been alarming to the victims, often lone females, and we are working to put a stop to this unacceptable behaviour. We ask anybody who witnesses such an incident to make a note of the person’s description, including their hair style, approximate age, height, any clothing, etc, and report it immediately to police by calling 101. Please note the time and location of the incident too.

“There has not been any contact made with any of the victims – just indecent behaviour by flashing, touching of groin area or appearing naked. In an emergency, always call 999.”

For more information contact Katherine Willoughby, Sector Inspector, Hythe Police Station email katherine.willoughby@hampshire.pnn.police.uk