Communication from the National Trust – Campfires and Litter at Rockford Common: Volunteers Required

Campfires and litter at Rockford Common: Volunteers Required

Spring is finally upon us, the sun is shining, the air is warm and wild flowers are beginning to bloom. Lots of people are out and about, enjoying the New Forest, including sites such as Rockford and Ibsley Commons.

However, unfortunately this has also meant there has been an increase in littering, especially around the Rockford Common sand pit car park. There has also recently been reports and evidence of campfires. This has resulted in broken glass, litter and burnt areas of ground on the common. This is not only very damaging to the heathland habitat and its wildlife, but also puts livestock and visitors as risk.

“This behaviour is particularly worrying as it as threatens nationally rare species of ground nesting bird, such as the nightjar, and emerging reptiles, such as Adders” says community ranger Jacob White.

“…In light of recent events, the National Trust will work hard to increase community engagement at key sites, such as Rockford, to raise awareness about the importance of the New Forest’s nationally rare lowland heathland habitat and wildlife; and to promote the values of the countryside code…”

Bonfire remains on Rockford Common

Many thanks to those local people who took the time to report these incidents and help clean up the damage.

We are looking for volunteers to help do regular checks and some litter picking of Rockford Common, if you fancy joining in please contact Laura Baker on or call 01425-650035. 

 If you see any anti-social or criminal damage please report it to the police on 101.

 Written by Jacob White, Community Ranger, National Trust