Small Fleabane – a local celebrity plant.

Small Fleabane

A special plant in our Parish

The New Forest is known for having a wide range of interesting plants, many that are found in larger numbers and better health than elsewhere in the UK. Small Fleabane (Pulicaria vulgaris) is one of them. This plant has its own peculiar requirements for survival and parts of our Parish are ideal for it. It’s not a water plant but it does like wet places and its life cycle is intimately linked to our large herbivores; the Horses and Cattle….Oh! and JCBs too.

Small Fleabane is having a good year, there are plants flowering along the side of the ditch that runs from (roughly) the phone box by the ex village shop down to the green by Mockbeggar chapel. It will be flowering for a few more weeks so why not take a look, go armed with a wild flower book to help with identification because it’s not a showy plant. Once you have your ‘eye in’ you’ll probably see quite a few plants.