Interim Local Plan 2019

The NFNPA Local Plan 2016-2036 has been formally adopted on 29th Aug 2019 This replaces the Core Strategy 2010 in full and takes immediate effect. Your Parish Councillors will be using this document as a reference when considering applications from within the NFNPA with immediate effect.

The Local Plan document is well produced and as a PDF file has clickable tabs that make it easy to navigate

The document is quite large being 60 pages and full colour. The link above goes to a copy of the document on the EHIPC web site to save you trawling through the NFNPA searching for it. If you have slow broadband you may need patience to download it. Your browser may permit you to view it as a web page, however you should perhaps download it locally to save the wait next time you need to view it.