Uncontrolled Dog

This item from the Hyde Neighborhood Watch

I am very sorry to have to report that “Shadow” our favourite alpaca was attacked at 0750 this morning by a grey Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dog in the paddock behind our house in Furze Hill. 

We heard noises of the struggle, and when we went out to investigate the dog, which had been gripping Shadow around the jaw, ran off towards Gorley Common. The dog had no collar and there was no sign or sound of an owner.

Shadow’s jaw had been smashed into several pieces and his face had been ripped wide open.  He was in pain and very distressed. When the vet came, she had no option but to put him down.

If you are the owner of this dog, or know who does own it, please let me know.

I know that most dog owners who live in the village behave responsibly and keep their dogs on leads and fit muzzles.  Clearly others do not and allow their dogs to chase deer and other animals.  Sadly for Shadow this savage attack is the distressing consequence of not controlling a dog such as this. 

This is the 8th occasion since the start of Lockdown in March that dogs have come into the paddock and “worried” our alpacas, and the second that we have lost in this way.  I have also had emails this week from neighbours who have witnessed the consequences of deer which have been attacked by a dog and suffered lingering but fatal consequences.

Please be a responsible owner and keep your dog under control.