Road closure (temp) Gorley Road

Please be advised of the urgent 3 day road closure of Highwood Lane/the Gorley Road between North Poulner Road and Snails Lane.  from Wednesday 22nd January, for a likely maximum duration of 3 days,(between 0930hrs and 1500hrs only on each day)  in order for BT to carry out urgent cabling works.
Alternative route shown below:


Hants County Council Budget priorities – have your say

Have your say about the County Council’s budget – taking tough decisions together. Through this survey they want to understand what residents think about how the County Council’s limited resources should be spent in the coming year.

The County Council provides strategic, county-wide services such as highways, social care, education and libraries. More local services such as bin collection, environmental health, housing and leisure centres are provided by district councils.

Each page has explanatory notes, the best way to get started is to dive in, follow the link below and have your say. The more views they receive, the more meaningful and representative the results will be on issues relevant to the whole county.

The Online Survey

The closing date for responses is 29 November 2013.


Sandbag Provision Regarding Flooding – policy change

Message from NFDC

There is shortly to be a change in District Council policy regarding the issue of sandbags as explained below. 

For several years the District Council has provided sandbags for collection from various locations and during some events have delivered sandbags to properties. However, as the property owner is probably aware, it is the responsibility of property owners to take all necessary steps to protect their own property against flooding and the Council does not have a duty to provide sandbags for this purpose. Continue Reading

Vote! – be sure to be on the electoral register

Residents urged to make sure they can vote in next year’s elections

Voter registration forms will soon be dropping through letterboxes across the district and residents are being urged to return them as soon as possible to make their voices heard in any elections held next year. In 2014 the European Parliamentary Elections will be held on 22 May – to participate in these and any other elections after 17 February 2014 voters’ names must be on the register of electors.

New Forest District Council’s electoral registration officer, Chief Executive Dave Yates, and his staff will be sending forms to households in the district from 25 October 2013 to compile the electoral register. Anyone who has not received their form can contact NFDC’s Electoral Registration Team on 023 8028 5445 or e-mail

Dave Yates said: “Registering to vote is very simple. All you have to do is update the annual canvass form with the details of everyone in your household who is eligible to vote and return it to us as soon as possible. If your details haven’t changed you can also reply online or by telephone. By responding promptly this will save a canvasser calling at your property.

“Some people may not realise that they have to register every year, it is important that you complete and return the registration form so you’re able to take part in elections.”

On the electoral registration form voters can opt to have their details excluded from the edited register. This will mean their details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

For more information contact New Forest District Council’s electoral registration team on 023 8028 5445, or email .

New Forest Bat Project

The project has received funding from the Sustainable Development Fund and is focused 11-09-2013 17-12-53on two rare species – Bechstein’s and Barbastelle bats. As part of the project the bat group have produced a newsletter to keep local organisations up to date with the work they are doing.  The bat group project is solely run by volunteers.

If you are interested the Newsletter can be viewed/downloaded as new forest bat box update 22022013-3.


Recycling Bottles – from NFDC

We are pleased to announce New Forest District Council will shortly be introducing a new kerbside Household Glass Collection Service to your area. The scheme has already been well received by residents and is already proving successful where it has been introduced in the Waterside area.

Glass bottles and jars can be recycled over and over again, and plays a valuable part in helping to reduce our use of natural resources, energy and also saves money. It provides an easier and more convenient option for many residents to get involved in recycling.

Boxes for the glass and information packs will be delivered to households in your area during the week of 9 September and have been designed to make them easy to read and understand. Once in place the scheme will work in the following way:

· Boxes should be stored within the property boundary

· All glass bottles and jars can be put in the box

· Boxes will be collected once every four weeks

· On collection days, boxes should be placed just inside the property boundary by 7am

The black and clear sack rubbish and recycling schemes will stay the same. Bottle banks will remain in place and their usage will be monitored over the coming months.