Interim Local Plan 2019

The NFNPA Local Plan 2016-2036 has been formally adopted on 29th Aug 2019 This replaces the Core Strategy 2010 in full and takes immediate effect. Your Parish Councillors will be using this document as a reference when considering applications from within the NFNPA with immediate effect.

The Local Plan document is well produced and as a PDF file has clickable tabs that make it easy to navigate

The document is quite large being 60 pages and full colour. The link above goes to a copy of the document on the EHIPC web site to save you trawling through the NFNPA searching for it. If you have slow broadband you may need patience to download it. Your browser may permit you to view it as a web page, however you should perhaps download it locally to save the wait next time you need to view it.


101 reporting (not quite 999)

Hampshire Police request the public to use on line reporting of non-emergency incidents:

As the summer months are the busiest time of year the demand on the 999 service increases, meaning that 101 call handlers have to support the 999 service resulting in longer than average wait times for the 101 service to be answered.

In order to ease the burden on the 101 service, Hampshire Police are requesting that members of the public use the on-line reporting tool at where you can report under the following categories:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Civil disputes
  • Crime
  • Lost or found property
  • Lost or stolen vehicles
  • Missing person
  • Road traffic incident

This is not a substitute for 999 which will always be prioritised.

Hampshire Police are encouraging the public and other public sector agencies to think very carefully about whether the police are the right service to call before phoning 101 – please check out our useful telephone numbers and contacts which maybe more suitable to report on.

Incidents with livestock on Forest report to the Verderers on – 023 8028 2052 or the staff on the Forestry Commission’s 24 hour/365 days number – 0300 067 4600 – who have access to the Agisters’ roster and can contact the duty Agister.

Rights of Way: .

Potholes or Road Problems:

Fly Tipping: Contact NFDC Street Cleaning Dept. on 02380 285000 or email

Ragwort – 2019

The annual ragwort pull will be Wednesday 17 July at NT Rockford Common car park. This is organised by the National Trust so look out for their vehicles and staff.

You can get good quality considered information about Ragwort here:
There is a great deal of misinformation about Ragwort online and verbally – beware.

On the Parish Council property the intention is to deal with the open, Common areas and PC verges. Please try to leave plants with caterpillars and eggs for the butterflies to complete their life-cycle and remember not to pull Ragwort on land owned privately without permission. We are not trying to exterminate Ragwort but to restrict it to manageable quantities where insect populations benefit from its presence and the threat to stock and agriculture is minimal.

10am start, we ask people to bring a pair of gloves and a garden fork if possible.

Keep your distance – Ponies/Cows

It was reported at the last Parish Council meeting that there had been three separate incidents involving dangerous cows and locals and visitors walking in the area, which were reported to the Verderers. The Parish is supporting the New Forest commoners and local organisations who have launched a ‘keep your distance’ campaign to make visitors and residents aware they should not approach the National Park’s free-roaming animals this Summer. The advice they are promoting is that the animals may look friendly but can bite or kick, especially when they have young with them. Take particular care around ponies with foals and cattle especially if you have a dog with you. Petting animals on the road and from cars encourages these animals to pester people and hang around on roads putting them at risk of road accidents.

We encourage you to report any incidents to the Verderers on – 023 8028 2052 or the staff on the Forestry Commission’s 24 hour/365 days number – 0300 067 4600 – who have access to the Agisters’ roster and can contact the duty Agister.

All enquiries, correspondence and feedback to: Melissa Edmunds, Parish Clerk, 5 Beechcroft Lane, Ringwood BH24 1QN. Tel: 07840-987505 Email: Web: Facebook: @ehiparish