Statement from the National Trust regarding ‘Forest Fit’

In an eMail to the council The National Trust has said:

We have issued a 6 month licence to the Forest Fit Club in line with our consultation period which includes consent from N(atural) E(ngland). This will be the only licence for a fitness club issued on these commons. This shorter than usual period will allow us to measure and control the use of the commons by this particular group ready for review at the end of the term. Within the licence we have restricted the use to twice daily (rather than the current 3 times daily).

You can view the statement as a pdf file: Forest Fit Club on Rockford Common – statement 12 03 13

Here are the times when Forest Fit will be operating:

Mon 6.30am and 9.15am
Tues 6.30am and 9.15am
Wed 6.30am and 6.00pm
Thurs 6.30am and 9.15am
Fri 9.15am and 6.00pm
Sat 8.00am and 9.15am

Dog deaths – Ogdens

The following notice has been received from the Hampshire Country Watch team on Thursday 7th March 2013.

It has been brought to our attention that up to nine dogs have died after being walked in the Ogdens area of the Forest in the last ten days. The cases are currently being investigated by the Forestry Commission with support from the Environment Agency and New Forest District Council. Natural England remains in close contact with partners and is available to support the enquiry if required.

If your dog becomes ill after walking on the Forest please seek veterinary attention immediately.

Louise Hubble
Country Watch Sergeant